Friday, February 8, 2008

The King is Here!

Hey folks! With the recent explosion of sports card related blogs out there, I thought I would give it a try myself. As you can see from the title, one of my main card related obsessions is the awesome Diamond Kings series from Donruss. I am in the (loooong) process of putting together a complete 'base' set of all the Diamond Kings ever released. My definition of 'base' set in this case is:
1. Every Diamond King from 1982-1992 (the original run, where they were included in the base set)
2. All of the Insert Diamond Kings from 1993-2005 (the tough part!)
3. The complete standalone Diamond Kings sets from 2002-2005 including the SPs

I also want to collect as many of the other Diamond Kings products out there such as Rookie Diamond Kings, Bat Kings, all of the subsets in recent Diamond Kings issues like Heritage Collection, and of course, Jersey Cards, Parallels, Autos and the like. However, I don't consider these part of the base set Quest.

So look forward to seeing regular posts on Diamond Kings, other sports card related topics, and the Quest.

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Napkin Doon said...

I love the 03 Diamond Kings set and am chipping away at completing a "master set" with all of the inserts. You can see my progress, among other sets, here: