Friday, May 20, 2022

Closet box dimes

 So I have a 3000 count box of cards that I have been holding on to for a long time, thinking that if I ever do a card show, I might put it out as a dime box.  But it's been sitting in my closet for years, and I don't really know if I will ever do a card show.

Anyway, I needed something to write a quick post about, so I grabbed a small handful of cards (turned out to be 51 cards in the handful) out of the middle of the third row of the box to look at.  I grabbed one card of each player in the handful to show here, 27 unique players:

I chose the 'most interesting' card of a player if there were more than one.  For example, I think there were 4 Barry Bonds in the handful.  The HoloGRFX card in the scan was the most interesting.

You can tell the box has been sitting around for a while, because there's nothing new in there!

So from this small sample size, what do you think?  How would I do with this type of selection in a dime box?  What card(s) would you pay a dime for in this selection?  What card(s) do you think would never get bought?

Monday, May 16, 2022

Missed four Dodgers

 My last post covered some finds from a recent card show, but when I was putting all the cards away, I came across a few more that I wanted to show.

There is a dealer who is a 'bad condition' collector that often has a table at these shows.  He collects all the older sets, and will take any condition as long as he has every card.  And often he upgrades one of his cards, so he has a box of truly horrible condition vintage for cheap!  Sometimes I think it is overpriced, sometimes good deals, but it's the only way I am likely to get some of these cards, so it's usually worth a look.

Anyway, I didn't find much this time, but what I did find had 3 things in common. 1. They were truly hammered.  2. they were dirt cheap.  And 3. they were, by some cosmic coincidence, all Dodgers.  Here they are:

They were all 10 cents except one, but I can't remember which one was a quarter.  Doesn't matter though, does it?  Drysdale sure looks snazzy, doesn't he?

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Cheap and fun

 I picked up around 225 cards at the card show last week.  The vast majority were dimes, but there were a few .25, .50 and even one $3 card in there!

Here are about 30 of the 225 cards I picked up.

1. Todd Van Poppel - TVP was a big, big name in the hobby for about 4 months in the early 90s.  Wasting a dime on this one for nostalgia was worth it.
2. Jose Canseco - total proof that Canseco's muscles were all natural!
3. Albert Pujols - My 1st Dodger's card of Pujols!!  Numbered too, soo cool for a dime.  I also grabbed several other Dodgers Pujols cards at this show.
4. Ichiro/Pete Rose - Strange design for a card, but Rose and Ichiro were both monster players.  I like it.
5. Harmon Killebrew - #d /99, seemed like it was misplaced in a dime box.  
6. Clayton Kershaw - Topps Tek are weird to me, but an insert of a beast like Kershaw wasn't making it past me.
7. Miguel Cabrera - OK, this one was 50 cents I believe, but a nice, thick, strange die cut like this is right up my alley!
8. Adrian Beltre - another weird, thick die cut.
9. Joe DiMaggio - another 50 center, this die cut is as awesome as the others.  I wish they had used a different color in the background, but oh well.

All kinds of oddballs!  All dimes, as you might expect, but well worth it to me.  About half of these are numbered on the back to some number, usually 5000-10000 or so.

I had never seen the sets that the Glavine, Ryan and both Pucketts are from before.  And the others are pretty cool too.

10 cards in a bag for a dime.  Sweet!  As you can see, the set is still sealed in the bag.  I'm considering setting them free.  It's not like this set is going to be worth big bucks any time soon, and I think I would rather just enjoy the cards.  Back in the mid 80s, Clemens was my brother's favorite player, while Gooden was probably mine.  Good nostalgia set!

I've seen this card around, but never had a copy.  Just too cute to pass up.

I probably grabbed about 50 'young guys' cards for cheap just to have them someday when these guys have grown up.  A few highlights:
I know Kyle Tucker has been around for a while, but I threw him in this batch of young guys.  I thought the sepia RC and the relic card of his were steals at a dime!  I believe the Glasnow is #d /99.

And the only card I spent more than 50 cents on...

A Dr. J RC!!  Well, not really his RC, but from his rookie year.  This set me back $3.  Fun card!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Back from Hawaii

 Nine days away from the grind!  I know nobody probably noticed my lack of posts, but a trip to Hawaii with my wife was the reason.  Badly, badly needed too.  Work/life has been a bear recently.

Anyway, I had at least one request for a few pics, and even though I am not much of a photographer, I got a few nice ones.  My wife probably has a lot better ones on her phone, but you are stuck with mine!  I'll only throw out a few, but we took an incredible amount of them.

This was a sunset from the restaurant we were eating at one night.  I wish the power lines weren't in there, but I can photoshop them out if I need to.  Very relaxing...

This and the next one were at the north end of the island.  Very desolate and beautiful.

This is a rainbow I caught in the aftermath of a blowhole spout.  You can see the actual hole if you look hard a little up and to the right from the center of the pic.  Don't know who the lady in the pic is, she photobombed me.

Trees.  Hopefully you have all seen one before.  This one was cool.

More trees.  This picture didn't quite capture the amazing feeling there.  It was pretty awesome.

These last three are all from the same beach.  Extremely rocky, all those lava rocks poking up into the sea.

Love the violent surf...

East side of the island.

Well that's it for pics.  We did a lot of fun things from whale watching to snorkeling.  I ate waay too much.  Good trip!

Now I have to catch up on all my blog reading, missing 9 days left me pretty far behind.

And for those of you who stuck around this long, here is a surprise Flash Freebie.  9 cards below, each commenter can take up to 3 until they are gone!

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Short show show and tell

 It's been quite a month here at DK.  As happens from time to time, work decided that my life would be dedicated to it for a while.  Been seriously crazy.  I haven't posted but once since the last card draft, and I really haven't been able to read any blogs either.

I AM going to do more card drafts, as they seem popular.  Not this month though!  And likely not until June, the way things are going...

On to some happier news, my wife and I are taking a long delayed trip!  It was supposed to happen for our 20th anniversary.  But one of our kids ended up having to have some surgeries, and we had to postpone due to lack of $$.  Then we wanted to do it for our 25th, but covid slapped those plans down.  So here we are, finally heading out to Hawaii!  Should be fun.

And finally, what you are probably here for, I found an hour to hit a local card show!  Here are a few of my finds that I found interesting.

These guys were .10 and .25.  Amazing deals for vintage cards of a local standby and a HOFer!  Happy to have them.

Three oddballs.  A very weird 1995 Stouffers Legends of Baseball Pop-Ups Yogi Berra.  Dime.  Some Bo Jackson 'prototype' card I have no idea who made.  And lastly, a sweet Johnny Mize from 1977 Shakey's WASSCA Convention Superstars.  Whatever that is!  And even better, the autograph on the bottom of the card is printed on, but the one on top appears to be an authentic on card signature.  No COA, so can't tell for sure, but it looks legit.  And it was 50 cents, so I'm good either way.

Here are the backs of those three cards...

Now some one offs:
Love the burned look on this die-cut.  Hadn't seen these before.

A 2005 Topps Heritage Flashback Hank Aaron.  Who doesn't like Hank for a dime?

2014 Bowman Chrome 'Bubbles Refractor' Adrian Beltre, #'d /99.  Cool looking card.  I wasn't aware of Bubbles Refractors!

1996 Finest Jeter.  This was a quarter.

I picked up several from this unleashed set, various versions, some serial numbered, some shiny.  I decided to show this one out of the bunch.  I really like the set, but I am not sure about the black and white Ruth pic though.  Kind of incongruous.  

2021 Prizm Ohtani.  I don't know what kind of prizm this is, but out of the 40 variations or so that Panini puts out for every card, this is one of them.  Looks much nicer in person, the scanner didn't play nice with this one.

I recently found that my Topps Machado RC had a stain on the front.  Bummer!  So I grabbed this bright and funky 2012 Bowman Platinum to replace it until I find another.

This was a buck.  You might not be able to tell, but it is badly off center, top to bottom.  Don't care, I will buy that for a buck all day long.

Last card!  I have been having a bit of a hard time with photo variations.  Can't really say I love them, especially when they are not a unique or meaningful pic.  But I like this one!  Pitcher batting is nice (soon to be rare on cards?) and I love Expos unis!!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to post after my trip to the tropics!

Thursday, April 7, 2022

No Shohei here

 Wow!  I haven't posted in almost three weeks, since the last card draft!  Oh my, gotta get going.

And this isn't the greatest post, full of content either, but baby steps I guess!

So I am watching the Angels/Astros game.  Of course, all the announcers can talk about is Ohtani.  With good reason, I'll grant you.  He's must watch TV.  But I have a different take after the first inning:

Jose Altuve is now on pace for a new major league record of 600 strikeouts.  Wow, huh?  I know a lot of folks don't like the Astros and Altuve.  I get it, sort of, and if you don't like him, then root for the 600 Ks!

Similarly, Mike Trout is now on pace for a new record of 600 walks!  Pretty incredible, right?  That would be quite a season.  The funny thing is, if Trout had 600 walks in 600 plate appearances, then his OPS would be 1.000, unless I am calculating it wrong.  That 1.000 OPS would be lower than his OPS for the season last year, and for three other seasons in his career.  

Does that mean that OPS is weighted strangely?  It seems to me that getting on base every single time in a season would be more valuable than hitting .300 with 40 home runs.  Who knows!

Here are a card from each player from my meager collection:

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Draft 2 - Let's draft!

We are now drafting!  Madding is up first, if a pick is not made within about 2 minutes of the previous pick, then I will use the pick  lists you all sent in!

Please make your pick using the text below the card you want.  Examples: #3 - Saunders, #15 - DeJong.  The closer you can stay to what I have under each card, the easier it is for me to keep up.

A few have notes in the title if I noticed they were serial numbered, or the person who submitted the card had a note they wanted posted.  I decided to go with photos of the cards instead of scans.  On the whole I think they look OK.  Some of the shinier cards photographed very brightly.  They may not all sparkle quite as much in hand as they do in the photos!  For examples of this, see #18 - Oliva and 79 - Cronin.  Also, in some of the shinier cards, you can see a reflection of my hands holding the phone to take the pic.  Sorry!  

Draft order:  The draft will 'snake' each round, and here is the draft list we will be working from.  I will be adding the picks to this as they are made:

Round 1

madding -37 - Edmonds #/70
Mike - 59 - deGrom
Crocodile -43 - Smith
Laurens -89 - Torres #/25
Nick -18 - Oliva 

Chris -34 - Hayes

The Diamond King -72 - Tatis
gcrl - 26 - Hollandsworth

Round 2

gcrl - 74 - Guerrero
The Diamond King - 68 - Marshall
Chris - 8 - Schumaker
Nick - 42 - Chance
Laurens - 5 Bart
Crocodile - 29 - Koufax
Mike - 65 - Saberhagen
madding - 23 - Seager

Round 3

madding -66 - Ellis
Mike - 86 - Berra
Crocodile -82 Arrigo
Laurens -3 Saunders
Nick -64 - Hiura
Chris -19 - Piazza
The Diamond King -31 - Buckner
gcrl - 7 - Garvey

Round 4

gcrl - 78 - Nomura
The Diamond King - 14 - Evers
Chris - 40 - Jefferson
Nick - 80 - Rizzo
Laurens - 36 - Delgado
Crocodile - 77 Bell
Mike - 73 - Rizzuto
madding - 85 - Astros

Round 5

madding -50 - Mets
Mike - 71 - Rizzuto
Crocodile -87 Bryant
Laurens -79 Cronin
Nick -75 - Musial
Chris -88 - Griffey
The Diamond King -4 - Bregman
gcrl - 53 - Thompson

Round 6

gcrl - 69 - Croneworth
The Diamond King - 57 - Martinez
Chris - 83 - Trae Young
Nick - 17 - Ryan
Laurens - 62 - Judge
Crocodile - 56 Gwynn
Mike - 20 - Martínez
madding - 33 - Red Sox

Round 7

madding -9 - Bright
Mike - 28 - Schoop
Crocodile -10 Ripken
Laurens -63 Abbott
Nick -84 - Piazza
Chris -16 - Cobb #/299
The Diamond King -6 - Masterson
gcrl - 48 - Carlton

Round 8

gcrl - 61 - Seaver
The Diamond King - 81 - Jeter
Chris - 15 - DeJong
Nick - 46 - Hakari
Laurens - 32 - Kent
Crocodile - 90 Musial
Mike - 35 - Mathews
madding - 41 - Crawford

Round 9

madding -11 - Black #/499
Mike - 44 - McGwire
Crocodile -21 Ortiz
Laurens -2 Zimmer
Nick -70 - Abreu
Chris -12 - Alexander
The Diamond King -24 - Ryu
gcrl - 45 - Mejia #/2021

The available cards:

1 - Vargas #/2006
2 - Zimmer (variation)
3 - Saunders
4 - Bregman
5 - Bart
6 - Masterson
7 - Garvey
8 - Schumaker
9 - Bright
10 - Ripken
11 - Black #/499
12 - Alexander
13 - Brown
14 - Evers
15 - Dejong
16 - Cobb #/299
17 - Ryan
18 - Oliva
19 - Piazza
20 - Martinez
21 - Ortiz
22 - Kruk
23 - Seager
24 - Ryu
25 - Smith
26 - Hollandsworth
27 - Beer
28 - Schoop
29 - Koufax
30 - Sosa
31 - Buckner
32 - Kent
33 - Red Sox
34 - Hayes
35 - Mathews
36 - Delgado
37 - Edmonds #/70
38 - Leaders
39 - Burns
40 - Jefferson
41 - Crawford
42 - Chance
43 - Smith
44 - McGwire
45 - Mejia #/2021
46 - Hakarl
47 - Abreu
48 - Carlton
49 - Zidlicky
50 - Mets
51 - Pozo
52 - Snell
53 - Thompson
54 - Russell
55 - Donaldson
56 - Gwynn
57 - Martinez
58 - Bellinger
59 - DeGrom
60 - Henderson
61 - Seaver
62 - Judge
63 - Abbott #/999
64 - Hiura #/50
65 - Saberhagen #/ 1999
66 - Ellis
67 - Indians
68 - Marshall
69 - Croneworth
70 - Abreu
71 - Rizzuto
72 - Tatis
73 - Rizzuto
74 - Guerrero
75 - Musial
76 - Caudill
77 - Bell mini
78 - Nomura
79 - Cronin
80 - Rizzo
81 - Jeter
82 - Arrigo
83 - Young
84 - Piazza
85 - Astros
86 - Berra
87 - Bryant
88 - Griffey

89 - Torres #/25
90 - Musial