Thursday, August 24, 2023

Weird Griffey

 Help me out folks!  I recently acquired this Ken Griffey card that is pretty strange.  It appears to be a 1995 Flair 'Hot Glove' insert.  Pretty sharp card:

And here is the back, everything seems to be in order:

But you may have noticed that while the embossing of the glove in the background is there (the card feels bumpy along the contours of the glove), some of the etching that should be here is missing.  Here is a pic from of how the card 'should' look:

Mine is missing the "Flair" logo and the "Hot Glove" and player name in the lower left.  Anyone seen anything like that?  I have not, maybe it's rare enough that some Griffey super collector would trade me some good stuff for it!!