Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cards that make me smile #3

In today's edition of Cards that make me smile, you get a two-fer!!

These were my 2 favorite players growing up (I had a huge mancrush on high batting average).  This 2 card pairing will always hold a spot in my tiny Grinch heart, along with lots of the Fleer 'Super Special Star' subsets.  This subset was a neat-o view into players from different teams on the same card, a rarity in the 80's.

Anyways, these two couldn't look much different at first glance.  Carew is an African American, born in the Panama Canal Zone, convert to Judaism and soft spoken.  Boggs is a white, Nebraska born heavy drinking chicken lover.  But when you look at their hitting, they were both beasts!

And if you are too young to remember Carew's unique batting grip and stance, go do some research online.  The guy was great!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I have no shame. Just a large loogie collection.

OK, the title of this post was somewhat misleading.  No loogie collection here.  Sorry!  But I really do have no shame.  So much so in fact, that I am willing to sell my blogging soul in exchange for entries in a contest.  Sooooo.....

Go here to enter over at The Card Hobbyist!!

I'm sure you will see many more pimping posts on your favorite blogs in the near future.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Promo cards, part duex

About 2 months ago, I put up some promotional, pre-production type cards that I picked up at a local show and offered them to the 1st commenter in trade.  It was a bigger hit than I thought it would be, so when I saw some more of the same at the latest show, I decided to pick them up.

So here is the deal, 1st come 1st served.  Send me whatever you think is fair in trade, I'm not being picky on these at all!  Postage is really killing the old wallet lately, so I would strongly prefer to send them to 1 or 2 people, 3 at the most, so if you only want one, you may get bumped in favor of someone willing to trade for a larger group.

**disclaimer:  If Michael from Nomo's Platter wants the Nomo card, he get's it, even if he doesn't comment first.  Sorry, but having a history of trading with me has it's advantages!**

Without further blah blah, here are the available cards!!

 The Sandberg is a funky 2 piece card that can be changed around to show Rickey Henderson, Paul Molitor or Eddie Murray in addition to Ryno.
Comment away!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lost Cards, now found

AJ from The Lost Collector and I recently made a trade for a 1968 Topps Game card he needed for his rapidly completing set.  Here is what he sent me!!

Thanks AJ!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

No beards!!!

Sorry, this isn't card related at all, but this week at work, we got an e-mail saying that facial hair is no longer allowed.  Now we are a software company with conservative ownership, but that seemed a little heavy handed to me.

Full disclosure, I have had at least a little hair on the chin for the last 4 years.  I guess the order itself doesn't bother me too much, it's the precedent it sets.

Any thoughts?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Winner Winner, Vintage Dinner

OK, if you just want to see the winner, scroll to the bottom.  You selfish, smelly goldfish molester!

Thanks to all (27) for the great responses to my question.  They fell into several categories.

1. The 'I hate set X or type of card' category.

-I would take any non-sport Allen and Ginter base card over any unlicensed/airbrushed/no-logo baseball base card.
-I would take any attractively designed unlicensed/airbrushed/no logo baseball card over any Bowman-branded base card.i will take any 'game action' card over any 'posing with my bat and a phony baloney smile' any day.
-I would take any vintage birthyear set in any condition over trying to collect the topps SP's and gimmick cards
-I'll take any Ozzie Smith over any Barry Larkin
-I'll take any 1971 Topps card over any 2020 Topps Heritage card.

2. The' I really like card of type X' category

-I'd take my 1987 Topps set that my dad collected for me (it's my birth year) over most non-Astros and HOF Vintge.
-I would take any common 76 Topps over any common 75 Topps
-I will gladly take any card traded for over any card pulled from a pack. (I love this one!)
-I would take any oddball or minor league card over any regular issue card from the same year.
-I would gladly add any '65 Topps to my collection before this year's stuff. I like the look of the '65s with the pennants.

3. The 'Other' category.

-give me a '52 Mantle, period!
-I would take a common of a card I need for my collection over a star card I don't.
-Would I take a beat-up vintage Nolan Ryan (say, early 70's) with a rounded corner or two over a 2011 Topps diamond sparkle insert of Nolan Ryan in perfect shape? I'd be really hard to turn down some vintage... but it'd also be hard to turn down a great new card...

All in all, some great and thought provoking responses!  I'd love to take any of these ideas (or others) and have you and another blogger(or reader etc.) of your choice debate, hosted here on The Diamond King, of course.  If you have any interest, please contact me.

OK, here's what you are really here for, the winner.  After 3 randomization's on, the winner is

Matt of Tenets of Wilson!!!  Congratulations and the cards will be sent out tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Contest closed

27 total entries.  Results tomorrow!!

Mountains if useless info

I'm back!!  A 1/2 day early no less.  Still, you have today to get your last entry in the Beat up Vintage Contest.  There are 18 entries so far, so the odds are still not too bad.  On another note:

Coming back to civilization after only 2 days away, I was a bit stunned by the amount of digital catch up I need to do.  I had about 10-15 personal e-mails.  195 work e-mails awaited my attention this morning.  And after that, I looked at my Google Reader... 490 unread items!!!  I think I read too many blogs.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beat-up Vintage Contest #2

A while back I had a contest to give away a few vintage cards that had been put through the ringer.  That contest required research, time and luck.  This time around, it just requires a comment.  No plugging needed on your blog, just answer this question in your comment.

If you could debate another blogger/reader about which card you would want out of 2 cards, what would the 2 cards be?

Example:  "I'd want any 1964 topps common over any non-hit card from 2011 Topps"

Any answer is acceptable, but I'm hoping to get some good ideas for a future series where I would get 2 of you to actually do the debate on my blog.  So the more realistic the debate ideas, the better.

Oh, and I will be out of town until Thursday morning, and out of blogging range, so you can get one entry for each qualifying comment, 1 per day, for a max of 3 entries., blah blah.

So you want to see the prize????  They are 12 hammered vintagy cardboard pieces, complete with 9 HOF'ers!  Click the pics to see the truly beat up condition in all it's close up glory!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bloggy Blues

Lookit me, I'm a depressed King!
Well, I guess everyone gets them eventually, but I didn't think it would be this quick.  I got the blogging blues!  Part of it is that my cards suck, so it's not as fun as it could be to share them.  Part of it is that the trading has fallen off the face of a cliff.  I've sent out quite a few packages, but haven't been getting anything back.  I know, I need a lesson in patience!

On another note, I will be putting up a fun and easy contest Monday Morning, so keep your eye out for that!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Any Astros collectors with low standards?

OK, the low standards bit might be a bit mean, but check out the cards below.  I got these in the very nice random break by Thorzul as my second team.  They are nice, but do not have a place in my collection.  I also have tons of Jeff Bagwell, some Biggio, Oswalt and others just sitting around that I don't have any need for.

Here is the thing.  All the Astros lovers I know have been at it for a long time and don't have any need for my cast-offs.  Soooooooo.  Anyone want to trade for this kind of Astros stuff?  90's Astros stuff??  Anyone?  Beuller?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Shining Die-Cuts holding hands(R.E.M. reference)

The card show this month kind of sucked.  It was smaller than usual.  There was even talk of the show maybe going away since the mall it is held in is being shut down in a couple of months.  That would totally suck!

I walked through the tables, looking for good deals (meaning cheap cards, I am a miser), but really only spent money at one table, one of my favorite dealers.

He had dime boxes, and I grabbed a bunch of stuff, mostly inserts and weird stuff from the late 90's.  I missed that era in collecting and the sheer colorfulness and effort that went into some of the cards back then really appeals to me.  Especially for a dime!

Here are a very few of the cards I grabbed.
Oooooohhhhh!  Shiny!  Most of these look lots better in person.  Now on to die cuts!

I love creative die cuts.  The Albert Belle and football card in the lower left are awesome!  So is the Fred Taylor and the David Justice has tiny pin holes making the portrait of him.  When you hold it up to light, you can really see it well.

I got a ton more like these, and plenty of basketball which I did not scan.  So for a crappy show, I guess I am pretty happy!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

They aint MJ... but

They are two new Rock Stars inserts for my set!

I now need 1,3,4,6,7,10,12,13,17 for the set!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Whippersnapper recap - My faves

Hopefully you've been following my series detailing my personal favorites by position from the 80's on. If not, here are the links:

1st basemen here
2nd basemen here
Shortstops here
3rd basemen here
Catchers here
Outfielders here
Starting Pitchers here
Relief Pitchers here

It's been a lot of fun.  I've pissed a lot of people off, mostly Braves fans.  Oops!  But there are a few players that didn't make the list that I feel the need to recognize.  I know I'll miss a bunch, but here are a few on my mind right now.

80's guys!!!!! - these are mostly lesser talents, but I liked them nonetheless!

Runty Kuntz - no obvious jokes about the name, but that is why he's on the list
Duane Kuiper - only 1 homer in his whole career???
Dave Henderson
Joe Charbonneau
Billy Jo Robideaux
Steve Balboni
Brian Downing
Kent Hrbek
Chet Lemon
Bob Horner
Amos Otis
Willie Wilson
Ceceil Cooper - underrated
Ted Luzinski
John Candelaria
Ben Oglivie
Ruben Sierra
Richie Zisk
Garry Maddox
Sid Fernandez
Darren Daulton

Newer guys!!!!! - most, but not all, of these are too new to make my lists, but might in a few more seasons

Miguel Cabrera
Adrian Gonzalez
Tim Wakefield
Matt Wieters
Zack Grienke
Justin Morneau
Josh Hamilton
Brian McCann (for you Captain Canuck)
Tommy Hanson
Steven Strasburg
Josh Johnson
Ryan Braun
Prince Fielder
Matt Holliday
Joey Votto
Jay Bruce
Andrew McCutchen
Hunter Pence
Buster Posey
Tim Lincecum
Matt Kemp
Clayton Kershaw
Carlos Gonzalez
Troy Tulowitzki

Of course I missed a few, or maybe more than a few, but it's been fun!  As always, suggestions welcome!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cards that make me smile #2

Some cards you love because the player on the card was a great guy, a fun player who did things right.

Some cards you might like because the player on them is on a team that you don't remember him from, creating a jarring sensation of ...  'Whaaaat?'

And of course some cards you love because the big, manly ballplayer on it is struggling to keep from peeing his pants!

Luckily for me, this card has all three.

OK, I know Pedro isn't really practicing his bladder challenged base running, but seriously, who at Upper Deck green lighted that pose?  Hahahaha!

Check out previous Cards that Make Me Smile

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cards that make me smile #1

I have been trying really hard to organize my collection into the cards I want and the cards I want to get rid of.  I haven't been having much success.  One of my problems is that there is a 'middle class' of cards that I like, but that don't fit into the keeper part of my collection.  I've been making a stack of these cards and have decided to categorize them as Cards that make me smile.

I will be posting one every so often, maybe even once a day, and explaining exactly why they make me smile.  Hope you enjoy it!

Here is the 1st card that makes me smile...

I LOVED the Fleer Super Special Star subset when I was a kid, and this is a prime example of why.  Poor Mr. Baylor got a card for being hit by pitches!  It is simple and cryptic at the same time.  Just looking at the front, you probably would have no idea what this card is about at all.  Only on the back do you get the skinny on Big Fat Baylor's habit of stepping into pitches.  The pic of him is great!  You'd never see a pic of a ballplayer like that on other cards, but it fits this one perfectly.

Thanks to Don Baylor for his persistence and Fleer for making the card!!!  Enjoy the series.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

$pending like it's 1999!

I was recently perusing the countdown of the top 100 cards in Chris' collection over at Sports Cards and Memories (redonkulous cards by the way) and on one post, he mentions that he sold a Michael Jordan insert for over book value on E-bay.  He went on to say that there is a group of late 90's basketball inserts that often sell for over book value or at least closer than usual.

I myself have noticed this phenomenon with a couple of the sets I would like to get into, Big Men on Court and Jambalaya.  What I was wondering is why exactly certain insert sets from this era go for so much?  Chris opined that insane player collectors and people unsatisfied with the current product offerings may be driving up prices.  That makes a lot of sense to me, but the prices that some of that stuff is going for are nuts!  Can that really be all it is?  I mean there are a million different insert sets and the new product isn't bad enough for me to think about spending Richie Rich kinds of money on decade old inserts!

So I was hoping to get some feedback on a couple of questions:

1. Why do you think 'rare' late 90's inserts (mostly in basketball for some reason) sell for premium dollars?
2. What are some super cool inserts that make your favorites list?

Monday, September 5, 2011

More rock stars on the Bay

Got another one!  Now I only need #'s 1,2,3,4,6,7,10,11,12,13,15,17 for the set!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gems from the Emerald City

Larry at Emerald City Diamond Gems runs a nice blog, plus he's just up the road a ways from me.  If you haven't been following his stuff, you should.

I sent him some stuff a while back and he reciprocated with these:
Nice variety, I needed 2 of the McGwires too!
These are the gems of the trade for me!  They look sooooo cool!  They prompted me to go on the Bay and look what boxes of this are going for.  Too much, but I really wish!  Thanks Larry!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

P-p-p-platshke! A-a-a-argyle!

Greg from Plaschke thy Sweater is Argyle recently claimed a Piazza RC I had up for trade bait.  Greg claimed it 1st in the comments and Speigel of Nomo's Sushi Platter claimed by e-mail.  Since I didn't want to disappoint, I dug into my PC and dragged out another copy of the Piazza Rook.  So they both got one!!  Aaaaawwwww.  Here is what he sent me in return.
While all of these cards are awesome, the Murphy is easily my favorite.  It's tough to see in the scan, but the blue aura around the bat piece is reflective and really adds to the card.  Thanks Greg!!!

Now I need to keep my eye out for another Piazza, but they seem to be easier to find around here than California.  I wonder why??????????

Lost Collector

AJ over at The Lost Collector used his blog thingy to showcase a set that he wants to get collecting.  I happened to have a card to contribute, so I sent it to him.  He sent these cards below as a thank you!!!

Aint blogs great?
Beautiful stuff AJ, thanks a bunch!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Return of the King (cheesy post name edition)


Yeah, it's been a while since I posted, and for that, I apologize.  I have had vacation, illness and other boring troubles that nobody wants to hear about.  But I'm back!!!!!

I'm gonna start things off with one of a bundle of trade posts I need to get up.  This one is from Johnny over at Cards from the Quarry, and boy did he blow it up!!

 A variety of miscellaneous!  He scored me the Masterpieces SP Nolan Ryan from my wantlists!  Now I just need one more to finish the set.  The rest of these are just coooool.  I don't know much about the Topps 205 Sexson, but it says he's on the Milwaukee Nationals, so that's pretty cool.
 Next we have a bunch of serial numbered and refractory stuff.  Always very cool.  The Chris Young is very nice looking in person.
And last, the basketball inserts.  These are cool, I love the weirdness and die-cuts.  The Garnett is really beautiful and is an insert set i have been considering chasing, so very welcome.  Great trade Johnny, I'll have more Rockies for you soon!

I would be willing to part with any of this except the Garnett, Ryan, Thome and Perry.