Friday, February 23, 2024

Winner of the third cheapie hunt

 Thanks so much to the people who entered the little card show contest!  This will be a super quick post to randomize and select the winner.

As I said in the original post, I will take the entries and randomize them three times.  Here are the results:

Original list:

First randomization:

Second randomization:

Third randomization:

And the winner is defgav!!!

Looks like I will be searching the cheap boxes for refractors and cards for art projects.  Should be fun!


Again, thanks to all who entered, and have a great day!

From the grave - and cheapies

There are a couple of good reasons that I haven't posted in a looong time.  If I get the energy, I will do a post about that soon.  But in the meantime, please do not send me any cards to the address many of you have.  I have moved!!!!   If you need my address, ping me.  I will get around to sending it out to previous trade partners sometime...

And since that is lame content for a post, let's see if anyone wants to comment for a chance at card show cards.....  Super short window to enter, 5PST tonight will be the deadline!!

 I did this twice before and it was fun!  I didn't find AWESOME stuff for the winner, but decent stuff...So here's the deal:

I'm heading to a card show this coming Saturday (Feb. 24th), and if you are lucky, it might benefit you! 

This is a quick little giveaway with a prize that might be good, or might be bad, it depends on the cheap boxes at the show!  Here's how it works:

To enter, comment on this post with the players, teams, sets etc. that you want me to look for in the cheapie boxes at the next card show.


"I want you to look for Francisco Lindor, Clayton Kershaw, any serial numbered under /1000"

"Please look for all Diamondbacks, any Panini colored parallels and Bowman cards of young up and comers"

"I'd like any cards from the 1950s, late 90s inserts, Tom Glavine and any O-Pee-Chee"

Feel free to be more or less detailed with your request as needed. Keep in mind that I am looking in cheap boxes, so some requests will be harder to fulfill.  Like the request for cards from the 1950s above!  If you ask for Roberto Clemente, and that is all, I may not find anything, and even if I do, they will likely be modern cards.

You can put other sports than Baseball if you like, but I spend most of my time in the baseball boxes, so take that for what you will.

I will take all the comments and use to select a winner (randomized 3 times).  For the winner, I will look in the quarter (or less) boxes for you, scanning for cards that fit your request.  You will receive up to 18 cards, depending on what I can find, PWE shipped to you.

This contest will close on Friday, Feb. 23th at 5PM PST!!

**No promises on what you will get.  I usually have good luck in these boxes, but I am looking for a really wide variety of cards.  Limiting it down to specific requests will certainly make it harder!