Monday, December 17, 2012

Giveaway Winners - The End

If you are a winner below, please, please send me your address!!  I recently made a bad mistake by sending a package to an old address, so even if you know I have yours, send it anyway so I can make sure!!

Winners are determined by 3 spins at  If you were one of the first 3 commenters on post, you get double entry for that giveaway item.

I am going to announce the winners in reverse order of the number of commenters.  You can see the winners for Days 4, 2 and 5 here.  Winners for Days 6, 8 and 3 are here.  And here are the last 3 winners:

The winner of the Day 7 prize, Serialed and Proofs, is: Michael Chase

The winner of the Day 1 prize, Battered Vintage, is: Captain Canuck (welcome back by the way!)

The winner of the Day 9 prize, Topps Base Run, is: hiflew

Thanks a ton to all who participated!!!

Giveaway Winners - Next 3

If you are a winner below, please, please send me your address!!  I recently made a bad mistake by sending a package to an old address, so even if you know I have yours, send it anyway so I can make sure!!

Winners are determined by 3 spins at  If you were one of the first 3 commenters on post, you get double entry for that giveaway item.

I am going to announce the winners in reverse order of the number of commenters.  You can see the winners for Days 4, 2 and 5 here.  The next 3 are Days 6, 8 and 3:

The winner of the Day 6 prize, 80's rookies, is: dominicfdny

The winner of the Day 8 prize, Random Hodgepodge, is: Brad's Blog

The winner of the Day 3 prize, Modern Old Timers, is: Nick

Send those addresses and tune in in a few hours for the next 3 winners!

Giveaway Winners - First 3

If you are a winner below, please, please send me your address!!  I recently made a bad mistake by sending a package to an old address, so even if you know I have yours, send it anyway so I can make sure!!

First, a word.  40 different people entered this contest.  I wish I had 40 prizes, one for each of you.  I love giving away prizes, but it kinda bums me out that everyone won't get something.  If I had some sort of mythical 'free postage' button, everyone would get something.  I know its not as cool as a package of cards, but if you aren't one of the lucky winners, I still love ya!  Thanks for entering.

Winners are determined by 3 spins at  If you were one of the first 3 commenters on post, you get double entry for that giveaway item.

I am going to announce the winners in reverse order of the number of commenters.  So, since Day 4 had the fewest comments, its first.  Followed by Day 2 and Day 5.

Here we go!!

The winner of the Day 4 prize, 9 cards from the 70's, is: Mariner1!

The winner of the Day 2 prize, Rookies and Young'uns, is: Brian Conrad!

The winner of the Day 5 prize, loads of Autographs, is: AdamE, the first winner to enter in the top 3!

Send those addresses and tune in in a few hours for the next 3 winners!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Giveaway Day 9 - Last Day!

Previous days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8

Please don't comment unless you have read the rules (on the Day 1 post) for the requirements.

Thanks for all the entries!  This is the last item available in the giveaway.  Entries will be accepted until 11PM PST this Sunday (12-16-2012) so if you haven't entered on 3 yet, get commenting!

The last item up for grabs is all about Topps.  From the 52 Topps set, on through the many years when they were the only game in town.  Through the competition with upstarts Fleer and Donruss and the collecting boom where 634 different companies had baseball licenses.  And back to now, where the company again has a bit of a monopoly.

Each year had a base set.  At first, the base set was all there was, but in the last 20 years or so, Topps has put out many additional sets like Bowman, Stadium Club and the ever popular Topps Tek!!!

No, you are not getting any of my precious Topps Tek in this giveaway!!

No, today's item is one card from the Topps base set for every year from 1952 to 2012.

A few caveats:
1. I don't have any 1951 Topps Red Backs or Blue Backs, so I'm starting at 1952.
2.The older the card, the poorer the condition.  Don't expect a mint 52 or 61.  Most aren't too bad though.
3. Very strangely (at least to me), I couldn't find any Topps Base from 2004 in my collection, so the winner will have to fill in that hole.  Shouldn't be too hard.
4. As I looked through the stack, I noticed that the 2000 card is from the Traded set, and the 2009 card from is Updates & Highlights.  I'll try to rectify that before I send them out, but no promises.

This one was a fun one to put together.  I got to look through a ton of cards and relive a bunch of memories.

Comment away!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Giveaway Day 8

Previous days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

Please don't comment unless you have read the rules (on the Day 1 post) for the requirements.

Day 8 is a hodgepodge of 5 completely unrelated cards.

The McCarthy is super thick and the inset part has a bit of a rubbery feel.
The Clemente is a 69 Topps Deckle Edge. 
The Giambi is #d, I think out of 599. 
The Ripken has some obscene language on it somewhere I'm told. 
And the Wright is listed in price guides as an XRC for reasons that elude me.

Comment away!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Giveaway Day 7

Previous days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6

Please don't comment unless you have read the rules (on the Day 1 post) for the requirements.

Big lot today!  We have five scans, I'll do a blurb for each:

Scan 1 - 15 Serial numbered cards. Some low #d, some less so.

Scan 2 - 14 More serial #d...

 Scan 3 - 12 Artist's Proofs and Press Proofs

Scan 4 - 11 more Artists Proof and Studio Proofs.

Scan 5 -  5 Fractal Matrix parallels.  A couple are #d.
 Scan 5 - A hodgepodge of other miscellaneous inserts
 Comment away!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Giveaway Day 6

Previous days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5

Please don't comment unless you have read the rules (on the Day 1 post) for the requirements.

A much smaller lot today, featuring some of the cards I coveted as a kid.  Blah blah blah, quit talkin and lemme see the cards!

A Ravaged Ripken Rookie and a Battered Baby Boggs.  Ha ha, that Ripken might be is definitely the worst condition card I own.  Not for long!!  It could be the worst conditioned card you own!

More Hofer Rookies!  The Puckett is in decent condition.  The Sandberg is sharp, but horribly mis-aligned.  The whole sheet it came from must have been ruined.

Last of the bunch is this Jeff Schneider RC (or is it a Bob Bonner RC?  Old joke, I know...).  most of the card isn't bad, but there on the top edge, there are 2 dents that have pulled up a little paper.  I tried to get a good scan, but the scanner must have pushed down on them.  Not to say they are terrible, but I want everyone to know what they are going to be getting if they win!
Comment away!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Giveaway Day 5

Previous days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Please don't comment unless you have read the rules (on the Day 1 post) for the requirements.

Today we have a large lot of autographs!  From players you've probably never heard of!  But at least there are a lot of them.

The cards in this scan are all serial numbered on the back.  They range from /100 to /499
 The next 2 scans have cards that are hand numbered, presumably by the signers.

 The next 2 scans are not numbered, but are official, certified autos.

And the last scan is 5 in person/TTM autos.  The Guillen comes with a COA.

Comment away!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Giveaway Day 4

Previous days: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

Please don't comment unless you have read the rules (on the Day 1 post) for the requirements.

More semi-vintage!!  This time, the top 6 are in somewhat better condition.  I won't say mint, but better.  The Bottom three are, from left to right, off center, small crease and small crease.

Also, the Vida Blue is an O-Pee-Chee.
Comment away!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Giveaway Day 3

Previous days: Day 1, Day 2

Please don't comment unless you have read the rules (on the Day 1 post) for the requirements.

Remember how I said on Day 1's post that I would do better with the photos???  I don't think I did that.  Sorry.

Let's see if anyone will bite anyway.  Today we have a lot of 50 modern cards of old timers.  Almost all of them are Hall of Famers and most are top of the line HOFers like Ruth, Clemente, Mays, Aaron, Musial, Koufax and Mantle.

And DiMaggio and Paige and Cobb and Gehrig and Spahn and Williams...

There are a few serial #'d, I think one is a SP (the Mize), some parallels and just tons of HOF awesomeness.

 Close - ups:

 Comment away!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Giveaway Day 2

Day 1 is here.  Don't comment unless you have read the rules (on the Day 1 post) fir the requirements.

Day 2's item started out as a few Nationals rookie Cards.  You know, Harper, Strasburg etc.  Well, I didn't have very many of those, certainly not enough to be a whole days offering in this contest.

So I opened my 'young bucks' box.  It's full of guys that show promise, but may make it or not.  I don't go through it very often, so I figured there might be some fun cards in there.  The 1st 2 scans are the results of that.

But it still wasn't enough for the day, so I added a small bunch of cards of players who were once the hot youngsters.  Guys that might have been prospected a little, back in their day, but not so much any more.  Not to say they are junk, in fact I hope some of you like them.  They are in scan 3.

Oh, and then, I went to a card show this morning and grabbed these to add to the prize:

Comment away!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Giveaway Day 1 and Rules

Ok boys and girls, thanks for all the comments yesterday and over the years!  Its giveaway time!

I will be posting 9 different items to be given away, one per day for the next 9 days.  You each get 3 entries, and an entry will be used by commenting on the day that you want that days item.

For example, lets say you don't like the items on day 1 or 2, but day three's is in your collecting wheelhouse.  Leave a comment on the Day 3 post and you are entered for that item in a drawing.

You can wait until all of the 9 days are posted and then choose which 3 to comment on if you like, but as an added wrinkle, the first 3 commenters on each days post will get double entry for that item.

Oh, and if you didn't get the news from yesterdays post, you have to have already commented on my blog sometime in the past to be eligible.
End Rules

The items will be strange and varied. Some might be very popular.  Some might be less so.  Some might 'make you go hmmmm'.  Hopefully there will be something that appeals to most, but keep in mind that a large part of what I decided to put in the items was determined by my desire to rid myself of it!

So, wanna see day 1's item???

Day 1:  A smorgasborg of Vintage-y cards in very questionable condition!

 Click for a closer look.  I apologize for the photos, I'll do better next time!  There are some great cards in here, big, big names!  All, however, are beat up.  Some, like the Bench, Perez and West are truly hammered.  Others like the McCovey, Ryan and a couple of the All-Time Record holders are just a bit off.

A couple of closer views:

Comment away!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

End of the Year Giveaway Warning!

Due to my meeting my goal of 1000 refractors (keep em coming, by the way!) I will be holding an end of the year contest similar to last years!  It should be big with 6-8 different winners!

So here is your warning:  Only people who have commented on my blog prior to the first giveaway post will be eligible.  I have compiled a list and there have been 120 unique commenters on this blog.  If you have been lurking or are not sure, now would be the time to comment!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Refractor Report

If you read this blog at all the last 11 months, you know I'm collecting refractors this year.  Any refractors!!  The goal is 1000 for the year.  This is my monthly report.
Here is the monthly progress report for November!
Obligatory graphic.  Posts are always better with graphics.  Image stolen without remorse from Play at the Plate.

As of November 30th, I have the following:
886 - Baseball Refractors
68 - Football Refractors
62 - Basketball Refractors

1016 total Refractors!  That's 124 added over the last month.

It's over folks!!!  I did it (with help from y'all of course)!  Now this doesn't mean that I don't want your refractors, I am still going strong until the end of the year.  But it does mean that I'll be holding a large giveaway to celebrate!  Keep your eyes on the blog for that in the coming week.

More math...

I have 101.6% of my goal of 1000 Refractors.
I have been accumulating refractors at a pace of  3.033/day (slightly up from 2.925/day for the 1st 10 months of the year).
I am on pace for 1107 refractors.

Big thanks this month to ShaneD from ShoeboxLegends with 11, Joe from The Sandlot with 15,  Plain Gray Swatch with 16.  Kerry from Cards on Cards with 13.  Thanks guys!!

As always, let me know if you have refractors to trade!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Big Mac of the Week - Week 5

Week 4 of this here series.  Here are weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4

Time for some stuff I picked up recently with a chunk of the proceeds from the DK card draft:

These are some of the most 'book-valuable' McGwires in my collection.  While I'm sure that there are hundreds of McGwire relics, they are generally hard to find and expensive, so I was very glad to add these to my collection.

Hey, maybe one of them is even legitimate!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Mac of the Week - Week 4

Week 4 of this here series.  Here are weeks 1, 2 and 3.

Back to 90 Fleer!  Any guesses why I'd feature this card at this time???  These iconic and youthful stars of the early nineties have been reunited on the Dodgers??  Dodgers??

I thought it was strange enough when Mattingly showed up in LA.  Lifetime Yankee.  Those guys usually stay home.  But Donnie has been good in LA.  Maybe not great, but good.

Now McGwire.  I bet he'll look strange in Dodger blue too.

Anyway, this card would have been a lot better if they could have talked Mattingly into looking up.  Maybe he's staring in stunned silence at McGwire's pile of performance enhancers!!

Matingly:  Uh.. wha.. um..

McGwire:  Yup, pretty big pile huh?

Mattingly:  Well, ... ah..

McGwire:  I'm gonna get bigger than the elephant on my sleeve.

Mattingly:  Oh... er...

Oops!  Sorry, Mark, I love ya!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DK Card Draft surprise round 3

Disclaimer:  This is only open to participants in the DK Card Draft.  If you didn't pay me and send in a list, you are not eligible.  Sorry!

This is the last surprise round in the draft.  I guess they aren't much of a surprise anymore!

To get the order, I took the orders for the last 2 surprise rounds and added the positions together to get a total.  For example, Josh picked 8th in the first surprise round and 5th in the second.  So his total is 13.  Once I got everyone's totals, I ordered this round in reverse order.  Daddyohoho had a total of 17 (10th and 7th) so he picks first.  Sorry BuckStoreCards, into each life some rain must fall...

Here's the order, picks in the comments!

1. Daddyohoho - 72 Palmer
2. Speigel - 68's
3. JerryL - Hendersons
4. JoshD - Aparicio
5. BradR - Killebrew
6. DutchCardGuy - Chapmans
7. RyanG - 53 Mothers Padres Dude
8. Daily Dimwit -Bagwell
9. ShaneD -
10. BuckStoreCards -

This first scan is 3 groups, the 1968 Topps cards, the 2 Hendersons and the 2 Chapmans. 
 The Aparicio is #d /25 and the Bagwell is the 'Black Gold' variation.
Thanks for making this a great and speedy draft!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

DK Card Draft surprise round 2

Disclaimer:  This is only open to participants in the DK Card Draft.  If you didn't pay me and send in a list, you are not eligible.  Sorry!

This is the second of 2 (maybe more) surprise rounds in the draft!

Here's how this round goes. I have been in a few drafts where I got a pick late in the first round.  It's OK, but kind of a bummer, since you miss out on the top few cards.  So I'm taking pity on those poor souls and setting the order of this surprise round to be the reverse of Round 1.

When it's your turn, pick your card in the comments!  Here is the order:

1. Dutch Card Guy - Glavine RC
2. Buckstore Cards - Grant Hill jersey
3. Daily Dimwit - Munson
4. RyanG - Sosa jersey
5. JoshD - Lakers
6. ShaneD - Strasburg
7. Spiegel - Kinsler
8. Jerryl - Mattingly
9. Brad - Ichiro
10. Daddyohoho - Reggie

It's kind of an eclectic mix this time...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

DK Card Draft surprise round!

Disclaimer:  This is only open to participants in the DK Card Draft.  If you didn't pay me and send in a list, you are not eligible.  Sorry!

This is the first of 2 (maybe more) surprise rounds in the draft!

Here's how this round goes.  You choose a card below, check the comments to make sure nobody has already claimed it, then claim it for yourself by commenting.  This does not cost you anything in the regular draft, these are extra cards!

First come, first served this time.  The next one will be different, but I'm not telling how exactly.

So quit reading this drivel and go claim your extra card!

DK Draft Results Page

We are through Done!!!!   I'll have a wrap-up post soon!  In the meantime, please send me mailing addresses.  i know I have many of them, but it would be a great help!Last Updated: 11/13/2012 - 2:12PM(Pacific Time)

Round 1
Daddyohoho          27 - 2001 Titanium Rod Smith/Oronde Gadsen
Brad                       142 - 2008 Moments and Milestones Ryan Howard #d 9/10
Jerryl                      218 - Aaron Rodgers Rookie
Spiegel                   57 - Lolich Auto
ShaneD                  77 - 1981 Topps Nolan Ryan
JoshD                     56 - 2008 UD Ballpark Collection Pujols/Fielder dual jerseys
RyanG                    212 - 1952 Mothers Cookies Max West
Daily Dimwit         20 - 2002 Upper Deck Woodrow Dantzler GU #14/1500
Buckstore Cards     50 - 2008 Upper Deck X Johan Santana jersey
Dutch Card Guy     52 - 2008 Upper Deck Tom Glavine jersey

Round 2
Dutch Card Guy     96 - 2004 Leaf Limited CC Sabathia #d 100/749
Buckstore Cards     49 - 2009 Upper Deck Carlos Delgado jersey       
Daily Dimwit          54 - 2003 Fleer Pujols/Berkman (Berkman jersey piece)
RyanG                    186 - 2004 Topps Ryan/Clemens
JoshD                      156 - 1953 Bowman Sam Dente
ShaneD                   79 - 1987 Donruss Greg Maddux RC
Spiegel                    15 - Tyler Thornburg Auto
Jerryl                       220 - 2009 Topps Andrew McCutchen Red Hot Rookies RC
Brad                        60 - 1993 Topps Black Gold Ken Griffey Jr
Daddyohoho           179 - 1976 Topps George Brett

Round 3
Daddyohoho           75 - 1976 George Brett – slight softness on a corner
Brad                        120 - 1976 Topps Steve Carlton
Jerryl                       209 - 2002 Topps 206 Joe Mauer RC
Spiegel                    1 - Varitek Jersey
ShaneD                   74 - 1983 Nolan Ryan
JoshD                      29 - 2003 Upper Deck Seneca Wallace manu-patch
RyanG                     5 - 2005 Upper Deck Pedro Martinez Jersey
Daily Dimwit          97 - 1998 Bowman Lance Berkman RC
Buckstore Cards     19 - 2006 Finest Orien Green jersey #828/1178
Dutch Card Guy     201 - 2004 Throwback Threads Tom Seaver ‘Century Stars’ #d 17/1500

Round 4
Dutch Card Guy      210 - 1952 Mothers Cookies Joe Grace – writing on back
Buckstore Cards      53 - 2007 Topps David Wright jersey
Daily Dimwit          55 - 2007 Goudey John Smoltz jersey
RyanG                     14 - 2010 Topps Daniel McCutchen Auto
JoshD                       172 - 1970 Topps Orlando Cepeda
ShaneD                    122 - 1998 Stadium Club David Ortiz ‘Prime Rookies’
Spiegel                     31 - Pau Gasol Jersey
Jerryl                       202 - 2005 Donruss Elite Bo Jackson ‘Career Best’ #d 777/1500
Brad                        24 - 2003 Donruss Hank Blalock jersey #286/500
Daddyohoho           217 - 2003 Upper Deck Manny Ramirez Leading Swatches Jersey

Round 5
Daddyohoho           165 - 1976 Topps Jim Palmer
Brad                        101 - 2002 Topps Gold Jimmy Rollins ‘Class 1’ #d 382/500
Jerryl                       180 - 1976 Topps Fran Tarkenton
Spiegel                    40 -  JJ Reddick Auto
ShaneD                   113 - 2002 Topps Tribute Bo Jackson
JoshD                      013 - 2005 Topps Pristine Cadillac Williams RC Jersey Uncirculated #38/100
RyanG                     17 - 2011 In The Game Jake Hager auto
Daily Dimwit          6 - 2007 Ultra Carl Crawford jersey
Buckstore Cards      3 - 2002 Select Eric Bedard Auto
Dutch Card Guy      211 - 1952 Mothers Cookies Ed Chandler

Round 6
Dutch Card Guy      146 - 1953 Topps Gordon Goldsberry - pinhole
Buckstore Cards      116 - 2005 Diamond Kings Darryl Strawberry ‘Framed Red’
Daily Dimwit           2 - 2008 Bowman Garrett Mock Auto
RyanG                      38 - 2007 TriStar Brandon Hamilton auto
JoshD                       7 - 2008 Topps Manny Ramirez Jersey
ShaneD                    168 - 1973 Pro Superstars Mickey Lolich
Spiegel                     178 - 1960 Fleer Dazzy Vance
Jerryl                        155 - 1953 Bowman Jimmy Dykes
Brad                          143 - 2009 UD Ryan Howard ‘Starquest Emerald Super Rare’
Daddyohoho            183.  1978 Topps Strikeout Leaders Ryan/Niekro

Round 7
Daddyohoho            132 - 1975 Topps Phil Niekro
Brad                         219 - 2010 Allen & Ginter Gordon Beckham mini Bat Relic
Jerryl                        177 - 1960 Fleer Cap Anson
Spiegel                     133 - 1972 Phil Niekro
ShaneD                    190 - 2002 Donruss ‘Originals’ Robin Yount
JoshD                       181 - Bob Griese Pro-Action
RyanG                      39 - 2001 Bowman Felipe Lopez Auto
Daily Dimwit           216 - 2009 Upper Deck Mike Minor USA Jersey
Buckstore Cards      115 - 2002 Bowman Chrome Jose Reyes
Dutch Card Guy       147 - 1957 Topps Eddie O’Brien - crease

Round 8
Dutch Card Guy        148 - 1957 Topps Bob Chakales - crease
Buckstore Cards        32 - 05-06 Upper Deck Jason Terry jersey
Daily Dimwit            16 - 2011 Bowman Chrome Brock Hold auto – on card
RyanG                       51 - 2003 Leaf Termel Sledge Auto
JoshD                        59 - 2008 Goudey Derek Jeter SP
ShaneD                     114 - 2000 Stadium Club Nomar Garciaparra ‘3x3 luminous’
Spiegel                      134 - 1970 Topps Ron Santo All Star
Jerryl                         123 - 2010 Topps Heritage Chrome Joey Votto #d 1940/1961
Brad                          215 - 2008 Upper Deck Dontrelle Willis Jersey
Daddyohoho             105 - 2006 Turkey Red Chase Utley ‘White’

Round 9
Daddyohoho           121 - 2005 Diamond Kings Steve Carlton ‘HOF Heroes framed red’
Brad                        37 - 08-09 Topps Thaddeus Young Auto # 1054/5775
Jerryl                       145 - 2004 Donruss Throwback Threads Darryl Strawberry #d 39/100
Spiegel                    164 - 1977 Topps Jim Palmer
ShaneD                    162 - 2001 Topps Combos Yaz/Williams/Garciaparra   
JoshD                      167 - 1971 Topps Gaylord Perry
RyanG                     175 - 1961 Fleer Dave Bancroft
Daily Dimwit          28 - 2011 Bowman Sterling Jordan Todman RC jersey
Buckstore Cards      88 - 2004 Leaf Limited Roy Halladay #d 98/749
Dutch Card Guy      149 - 1957 Topps Jose Valdivielso - crease

Round 10
Dutch Card Guy      176 - 1960 Fleer Harry Heilmann
Buckstore Cards      166 - 2008 Co-Signers David Wright/Reyes #d 229/250
Daily Dimwit           34 - 2011 Panini Gary Forbes RC auto/manu-patch
RyanG                     184 - 1996 Afficianado Rivals Thomas/Ripken
JoshD                      44 - 2008 Upper Deck Hanley Ramirez jersey
ShaneD                    169 - 1973 Pro Superstars Wilbur Wood
Spiegel                    78 - 1992 Donruss ‘The Rookies’ Pedro Martinez
Jerryl                       182 - 1989 Pro Set Barry Sanders RC
Brad                         92 - 1999 Topps Roy Halladay ‘Rookie Rush’
Daddyohoho            63 - 2002 Diamond Kings Ichiro

Round 11
Daddyohoho         140 - 2008 Stadium Club Ryan Howard ‘1st day issue’
Brad                      119 - 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken ‘Black Box’
Jerryl                     187 - 2004 Donruss Elite ‘Draft Class’ Jim Rice/Kieth Hernandez(on back) #d 245/500
Spiegel                  160 - 2001 Topps Combos Johnson/Spahn/Carlton/Koufax
ShaneD                 163 - 2001 Topps Combos Williams/Gwynn
JoshD                    207 - 2007 Upper Deck Cal Ripken ‘Ripken Chronicles’
RyanG                   61 - 2008 Topps Heritage Ichiro mini
Daily Dimwit        76 - 2004 Donruss ‘World Series MVP’ Reggie Jackson #d 651/1000
Buckstore Cards    10 - 2008 Leaf Joey Galloway Jersey #244/350
Dutch Card Guy    150 - 1960 Topps Lou Berberet

Round 12
Dutch Card Guy        151 - 1964 Topps Barry Latmen
Buckstore Cards        87 - 2005 Donruss Studio Portraits Mark Teixeira #d 32/55
Daily Dimwit            95 - 2005 Skybox Autographics Harmon Killebrew #d 707/750
RyanG                       100 - 2010 Topps Ryan Braun 2020
JoshD                        136 - 1998 Skybox Craig Biggio ‘Access Airlines’
ShaneD                     72 - 1997 Ultra Vladimir Guererro ‘Gold Medallion’
Spiegel                      173 - 1972 Topps Billy Martin in action
Jerryl                         205 - 2003 Fleer Fall Classic Joe Morgan ‘Pennant Aggression’ #d 530/1975
Brad                          4 - 2006 Bowman Heritage Matt Clement Auto – on card
Daddyohoho             25 - 2006 Upper Deck Amare Stoudamire jersey

Round 13
Daddyohoho             23 - 07-08 Bowman Elton Brand jersey #161/199
Brad                          42 - 2011 Panini Lance Kendricks rc Auto # 98/100
Jerryl                         137 - 2005 Donruss Leather and Lumber Frank Robinson ‘Big Bang’ #d 1498/2000
Spiegel                      45 - Deron Williams Jersey
ShaneD                     141 - 2006 Ultra Prince Fielder ‘Lucky 13’ (rc)
JoshD                        48 - 2005 Turkey Red Kyle Orton auto
RyanG                       103 - 1998 Flair Showcase Row 1 Curt Schilling
Daily Dimwit            12 - 2005 Bowman Chrome Chase Lyman Auto
Buckstore Cards        64 - 1985 Donruss Pete Rose  
Dutch Card Guy        152 - 1964 Topps Earl Francis

Round 14
Dutch Card Guy          153 - 1964 Topps Don Lock
Buckstore Cards          131 - 1975 Topps Gaylord Perry
Daily Dimwit               154 - 1964 Topps Larry Brown
RyanG                          107 - 2012 Finest Ryan Braun Game Changers
JoshD                           43 - 2006 Bowman Heritage Andruw Jones jersey
ShaneD                        197 - 1995 Topps Ozzie Smith ‘Ring Leaders’
Spiegel                         36 - 09-10 Panini Carlos Boozer jersey #123/199
Jerryl                            157 - 2008 UD Baseball Heroes Cal Ripken/Tony Gwynn
Brad                             71 - 2003 Leaf Limited Vladimir Guererro #d 624/699
Daddyohoho                99 - 2008 UD A Piece of History Joey Votto (rc)

Round 15
Daddyohoho                129 - 2011 Bowman Chrome Freddie Freeman (rc)
Brad                             85 - 2007 Triple Threads Carl Crawford #d 464/1350
Jerryl                            193 - 2008 UD Sport Royalty Albert Pujols
Spiegel                         191 - Kiner/Williams
ShaneD                        203 - 1996 Ultra Rickey Henderson ‘Call to the Hall’
JoshD                           64 - 2011 Topps Bowmans Best throwback Ichiro
RyanG                         127 - 1998 SPx Radiance Fred McGriff
Daily Dimwit              174 - 1965 Tops Embossed Rocky Colavito
Buckstore Cards          135 - 1970 Topps Boog Powell All Star
Dutch Card Guy          89 - 2004 Donruss Classics Thurman Munson ‘Legendary Lumberjacks’ #d 251/1000

Round 16
Dutch Card Guy         170 - 1969 Topps Scratch Off Juan Marichal
Buckstore Cards         9 - 2008 Leaf Tavaris Jackson Jersey #50/350`
Daily Dimwit             171 - 1969 Topps Scratch Off Boog Powell
RyanG                        159 - 2005 Donruss Elite ‘Face 2 Face’ Jim Palmer/Harmon Killebrew #d 38/1500
JoshD                         41 - 2011 Panini Aldrick Robinson rc Auto # 75/199
ShaneD                      139 - 2007 Masterpieces David Ortiz ‘Framed Green’
Spiegel                       106 - 2004 Playoff Honors Lou Brock ‘Prime Signatures’ #d 556/2500
Jerryl                          196 - 2011 Topps Heritage Albert Pujols ‘New Age Performers’
Brad                           35 - 98 Collectors Edge Rashard Lewis auto – on card
Daddyohoho              33 - 07-08 Upper Deck Pau Gasol jersey

Round 17
Daddyohoho               11 - 05-06 Upper Deck Gilbert Arenas Jersey #77/250
Brad                            90 - 1997 Ultra Nomar Garciaparra ‘Kid Gloves’
Jerryl                           198 - 2009 Goodwin Champions Ozzie Smith mini
Spiegel                        73 - 2000 Fleer Tradition Chipper Jones ‘Ten-4’ die-cut
ShaneD                       91 - 2000 Upper Deck Hitters Club ‘Eternals’ Nomar Garciaparra
JoshD                          46 - 2003 Bowmans Best Marcus Trufant rc jersey # 357/499
RyanG                        98 - 2007 Ultra Justin Verlander ‘Strike Zone’
Daily Dimwit             68 - 1977 Topps Pete Rose – 2 corners soft
Buckstore Cards         126 - 2004 Donruss Elite Michael Young ‘Round Numbers’ #d 233/500
Dutch Card Guy         189 - 2005 Playoff Prestige ‘Connections’ Seaver/Bench

Round 18
Dutch Card Guy         84 - 2004 Ultimate Mark Teixiera #d 197/675
Buckstore Cards         18 - 2004 Pacific JP Dumont jersey #3/50
Daily Dimwit             204 - 2004 Sweet Spot Classic Stan Musial
RyanG                        108 - 2008 SP Authentic ‘Marquee Matchups’ Miguel Cabrera/Jered Weaver
JoshD                         62 - 2009 UDX Ichiro die cut
ShaneD                      161 - 2001 Topps Combos Griffey Jr/Aaron
Spiegel                       69 - 2004 Donruss Classics Robin Yount ‘Legendary Lumberjacks’ #d 311/1000
Jerryl                          58 - 1998 Leaf ‘Gold Star’ Mark McGwire
Brad                           118 - 2007 Bowmans Best Miguel Cabrera
Daddyohoho              206 - 2004 Ultimate Brooks Robinson #d 654/675

Round 19
Daddyohoho             66 - 1985 Fleer Pete Rose ‘4000th hit’
Brad                          199 - 1993 Leaf Ozzie Smith ‘Heading to the Hall’
Spiegel                     86 - 2004 Donruss Classics Joe Morgan ‘Legendary Lumberjacks’ #d 327/1000
ShaneD                    83 - 2001 Fleer Platinum Ryne Sandberg Rookie Reprint
JoshD                       8 - 2008 Leaf Brandon Stokley Jersey #15/100
RyanG                     102 - 1997 Flair Showcase Jay Buhner ‘Row 0’
Daily Dimwit           80 - 1985 Donruss Highlights Don Mattingly #36
Buckstore Cards       104 - 1987 Fleer Update Fred McGriff
Dutch Card Guy       208 - 1992 Upper Deck Minors Manny Ramirez

Round 20
Dutch Card Guy       185 - 2003 Leaf Clean Up Crew Rolen/Pujols/Edmonds
Buckstore Cards       22 - 2007 SP Vince Young jersey
Daily Dimwit           81 - 1985 Donruss Highlights Don Mattingly #45
RyanG                      200 - 2002 Fleer Tradition Ozzie Smith ‘This day in history’
JoshD                       94 - 2011 Topps Hanley Ramirez Cognac
ShaneD                    117 - 2007 Finest Prince Fielder ‘Finest Moments’
Spiegel                     125 - 2006 Bowman Mark Teixeira #d 270/500
Brad                         188 - 2004 Donruss Elite Face 2 Face Randy Johnson/Jim Edmonds #d 585/750
Daddyohoho            30 - 08-09 Upper Deck Tony Parker jersey

Round 21
Daddyohoho             109 - 2011 Bowman Platinum Justin Verlander
Brad                          195 - 2009 UD Starquest Albert Pujols ‘purple common’
Spiegel                      214 - 2004 Sweet Spot Classic Ted Williams
ShaneD                     124 - 2000 Topps Michael Young RC
JoshD                        47 - 1995 Superior Pix Tyrone Wheatley auto hand #d 773/6500 on card – creased
RyanG                       93 - 2009 Upper Deck Matt Holliday Xponential X5
Daily Dimwit            67 - 1986 Fleer Pete Rose ‘Future HOFer’
Buckstore Cards       70 - 2007 Turkey Red Chrome Carlos Beltran #d 1710/1999
Dutch Card Guy       130 - 2008 Tristar Projections Freddie Freeman

Round 22
Dutch Card Guy       144 - 2006 Upper Deck Mark Teixeira ‘Star Attractions’
Buckstore Cards       213 - 2010 Topps Carl Crawford #d 129/2010
Daily Dimwit           82 - 1987 Fleer All Stars Don Mattingly
RyanG                      111 - 2011 Bowman Platinum Robinson Cano
JoshD                       110 - 2011 Bowman Platinum Buster Posey
ShaneD                     128 - 2008 Bowman Chrome Freddie Freeman
Spiegel                     192 - 2008 UDx Xponential Albert Pujols X2
Brad                         138 - 2000 Skybox Metal Alphonso Soriano ‘Talent Show’
Daddyohoho            194 - 2006 Fleer Tradition Albert Pujols ‘Diamond Tribute’

Monday, November 5, 2012

Angelic Carews from Napkin Doon

Aren't they beautiful?
Two sweet looking Carew's, both very nice additions to my collection!  These were brought to you by the kindness of one Napkin Doon, who traded them to me for a surprisingly small return.  Thanks Nap!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Card Draft almost live!

I just need an e-mail for shoeboxlegends and one payment.

ShoeboxLegends!  Where are you??

Friday, November 2, 2012

Join my Draft!

I need 2 more drafters for my card draft!  Check it out, salivate and sign up!  $16 per slot.  I have decided to sweeten the pot a bit.  Here are 6 cards that will be added to the 214 already shown on this page!

4 hits and 2 really nice rookies!  Come and get em!

Also, most of you have already paid, but if you haven't, it is time.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Refractor Report

Still need a couple more participants in the DK Card Draft!  Comment on the original post to reserve a spot.  If you have a spot already, go ahead and send payment when you are able.

If you read this blog at all the last 9 months, you know I'm collecting refractors this year.  Any refractors!!  The goal is 1000 for the year.  This is my monthly report.

Here is the monthly progress report for October!
Obligatory graphic.  Posts are always better with graphics.

As of October 31st, I have the following:
779 - Baseball Refractors
58 - Football Refractors
55 - Basketball Refractors

892 total Refractors!  That's 90 added over the last month.  Wow!  That's two great months in a row!  2 months left and I only need 108 to reach my goal!  I'll keep the pedal to the metal even if I pass 1000, but dang, I'm getting so close.

More math...

I have 89.2% of my goal of 1000 Refractors.
I have been accumulating refractors at a pace of  2.925/day (slightly down from 2.937/day for the 1st 9 months of the year).
I am on pace for 1070 refractors.

Big thanks this month to Oscar at All Trade Bait, All The Time, Spiegel from Nomo' Sushi Platter, and this months high contributor with a sweet total of 31 refractors, Dustin from Coot Veal and the Vealtones!  Thanks guys!!

As always, let me know if you have refractors to trade!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nomo Doin' Work

**After you read this, go sign up for my card draft, a few spots remain!

Work sucks lately.  But today it was a little brighter.  A few days ago, a co-worker and I were talking and somehow, the fact that I collect cards came up.  I didn't think much of it, but today he brought in the cards he had from his youth for me to look at.  A bright spot in an otherwise dull day!

Now all the cards he had were all in the 1988-95 range.  No big hits or anything special, but he did make me take the three cards below because I must have made appreciative grunts when I saw them.

The McGwire, I immediately recognized as one I don't have.  Since I have 630+ different McGwires, one this common is a surprise.  I grunted appreciatively.  He offered me the card.  I accepted.  The fool!

The Kukoc and Mourning are oversized tall cards from 1995.  The die-cutness of the Kukoc attracted me and the Mourning is a pop-out.  Sweet!  So after a minute of me sounding like Monica Seles (see here for an example), they were all mine!  Some of you may look down on my blatant use of this poor soul, but hey, he brought cards to work!  OK, it wasn't that bad, but I did walk away with three cards and a slightly nicer workday. 

Also, I recently received a package from Spiegel of Nomo's Sushi Platter.  He sent a very nice assortment of cards (including refractors!!), but I already put all of them away, so I'll just show the centerpiece of the trade:
A Gorman Thomas on card auto!!  Here's the story:  I was involved in a card draft recently, when Spiegel took this card a few spots ahead of me.  I pulled out my patented grunt (in the form of a comment where I whined that this was the card I wanted, how dare he take it!).  Just like at work, it worked like a charm!

So in short, I apologize to Spiegel and my nameless, faceless co-worker, but thank them both for the sweet cards.  Rock on!

Monday, October 29, 2012

DK Card Draft sign ups now open

OK, I got lots of feedback and it looks like we are a go on the first Diamond King Card Draft!

Here are the details:

-here are the cards up for grabs.  57 'hits' (relic or auto), tons of serial #d, some vintage, rookies etc.  214 total cards.
-I'm shooting for 10 drafters.  Those who commented that they were interested in my previous post have first dibs on a spot as long as they confirm before Wednesday morning, so if you are not one of those, don't send the $$ until I let you know you are in.
-$16 per slot, send it to paypal, use the gift option.  The paypal address is kmattson2002 at yahoo dot com for the draft order, snaking rounds.
-I will have a optional draft kick off on the first day of the draft (date and time TBD).  This will be a gotomeeting (screen sharing) session with a conference line so we can (trash) talk.  I'm thinking about 1 hour.  This will officially kick off the draft, and the first picks will be made.  If you can't make this, just send a list of picks and I will fill them in for you.  After the kick off, all picks should be made with lists so we can keep this moving.
- I was hoping to get this under way asap, but I hear there is some kind of super-storm, and then some election.  So now I am thinking Wednesday Nov 7th as a target date.  Feedback?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Big Mac of the Week - Week 3

Week 3 of this here series.  Here are weeks 1 and 2.

This weeks entry is a 1997 Leaf "Dress for Success" insert.

The front is canvas and the Athletics text is slightly raised.  Feels pretty cool.  I enjoy cards that the manufacturer took extra steps on.  This is a good pose and layout IMO as well.
Here is the back.  Unlike the front, this is a slick, glossy finish.  Very jarring at first glance, but then I saw the serial numbering and decided it was all good.  You can tell from Mark's body language here what a speed demon he was!  Built like a cheetah, right?

Ha ha, come back next week for more!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Passing on Refractors

Why would I pass on free refractors?  I, the chaser of all things refractory, for the last year?

I, the man who still finds himself 198 refractors short of his goal for the year?

Actually, its pretty simple.  The Triple Crown.

I consider myself a baseball history buff.  I enjoy the nostalgia of it.  I also love how baseball numbers and feats seem to mean more than in other sports.  Numbers like .400, 3000, 56 and even broken numbers like 4191, 755 and 2130 all mean something to me.  Not just the records themselves, but the stories and triumphs behind them.

One feat that lives in baseball lore is the triple crown.  Every player ever to accomplish it is a Hall of Famer.  It implies a skill level so far above average that its been done a total of 14 times since 1900.  And only 4 since 1950.  And until this year, not since 1967, 45 years ago.

I remember as a kid, watching the stats accumulating through the year.  I had to read the newspaper to get the stats, and there were not nearly as many as today.  I remember honing my math skills by extrapolating the league leaders current totals to what they might have over 162 games.  I'm still pretty slick at arithmetic today, mostly because of baseball statistics.

The 2 most important things I watched were first, home runs.  The single season homer record was often 'challenged' early in the season, but as the summer wore on, nobody could keep it up.  The other was the triple crown.  This was even more hallowed in my mind, since even early in the season, very few had a real shot at it.

Yaz has grown in stature in my mind and collecting habits specifically because he won the crown.  And now, the newest crown winner has cost me refractors!  You see, I recently won a contest over at Arpsmiths Sportscard Obsession, and one of the possible prizes was 3 refractors.  Gold mine for me!!

But also offered was this:
Done deal.