Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Refractor Report

If you read this blog at all the last 11 months, you know I'm collecting refractors this year.  Any refractors!!  The goal is 1000 for the year.  This is my monthly report.
Here is the monthly progress report for November!
Obligatory graphic.  Posts are always better with graphics.  Image stolen without remorse from Play at the Plate.

As of November 30th, I have the following:
886 - Baseball Refractors
68 - Football Refractors
62 - Basketball Refractors

1016 total Refractors!  That's 124 added over the last month.

It's over folks!!!  I did it (with help from y'all of course)!  Now this doesn't mean that I don't want your refractors, I am still going strong until the end of the year.  But it does mean that I'll be holding a large giveaway to celebrate!  Keep your eyes on the blog for that in the coming week.

More math...

I have 101.6% of my goal of 1000 Refractors.
I have been accumulating refractors at a pace of  3.033/day (slightly up from 2.925/day for the 1st 10 months of the year).
I am on pace for 1107 refractors.

Big thanks this month to ShaneD from ShoeboxLegends with 11, Joe from The Sandlot with 15,  Plain Gray Swatch with 16.  Kerry from Cards on Cards with 13.  Thanks guys!!

As always, let me know if you have refractors to trade!


  1. You can steal all the images you want from me...and I have a stack for you from last YEARS! prize.

  2. I still have some to send after all these months...Maybe you can go for the world record holder of most refractors ever!!!