Sunday, December 9, 2012

Giveaway Day 3

Previous days: Day 1, Day 2

Please don't comment unless you have read the rules (on the Day 1 post) for the requirements.

Remember how I said on Day 1's post that I would do better with the photos???  I don't think I did that.  Sorry.

Let's see if anyone will bite anyway.  Today we have a lot of 50 modern cards of old timers.  Almost all of them are Hall of Famers and most are top of the line HOFers like Ruth, Clemente, Mays, Aaron, Musial, Koufax and Mantle.

And DiMaggio and Paige and Cobb and Gehrig and Spahn and Williams...

There are a few serial #'d, I think one is a SP (the Mize), some parallels and just tons of HOF awesomeness.

 Close - ups:

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