Diamond Kings Want List

I really wish they wouldn't have started up with more Diamond Kings sets under the Panini brand.  I'd have been perfectly happy just slowly tracking down all of the 2005 and before DKs.

Oh well.

So I would be interested in any of the new Panini DK's, especially anything that looks especially cool, but they will not be on this page, as I will be considering them secondary to the 2005 and earlier.

Here's what I need!
1991 Diamond Kings - Top Priority
DK-2 Checklist

1995 Diamond Kings - Top Priority
DK-1 Frank Thomas
DK-4 Dante Bichette
DK-7 Paul O'Neill
DK-11 Kenny Lofton
DK-12 Matt Williams
DK-13 Kevin Seitzer
DK-17 Will Clark
DK-19 Kirby Puckett
DK-22 Greg Maddux
DK-24 Tony Gwynn
DK-27 Ken Griffey Jr.

1996 Diamond Kings - Top Priority
DK-2 Mo Vaughn SN10000
DK-3 Manny Ramirez SN10000
DK-4 Mark McGwire SN10000
DK-5 Juan Gonzalez SN10000
DK-6 Roberto Alomar SN10000
DK-7 Tim Salmon SN10000
DK-8 Barry Bonds SN10000
DK-9 Tony Gwynn SN10000
DK-10 Reggie Sanders SN10000
DK-11 Larry Walker SN10000
DK-12 Pedro Martinez SN10000
DK-13 Jeff King SN10000
DK-14 Mark Grace SN10000

1997 Rookie Diamond Kings - Lower priority
1 Andruw Jones SN10000
2 Vladimir Guerrero SN10000
3 Scott Rolen SN10000
4 Todd Walker SN10000
5 Bartolo Colon SN10000
6 Jose Guillen SN10000
8 Darin Erstad SN10000
9 Dmitri Young SN10000

1998 Diamond Kings - 
Top Priority
2 Greg Maddux SN10000
4 Tony Gwynn SN10000
6 Kenny Lofton SN10000
8 Darin Erstad SN10000
11 Hideo Nomo SN10000
13 Bernie Williams SN10000
15 Barry Larkin SN10000
16 Andruw Jones SN10000
19 Alex Rodriguez SN10000
20 Ken Griffey Jr. SN10000
S20 Frank Thomas Sample

1998 Rookie Diamond Kings - 
Lower priority
1 Travis Lee SN10000
2 Fernando Tatis SN10000
3 Livan Hernandez SN10000
5 Derrek Lee SN10000
6 Jaret Wright SN10000
8 Paul Konerko SN10000
10 Mark Kotsay SN10000
11 Todd Greene SN10000
12 Brad Fullmer SN10000

2001 Donruss - Diamond Kings Inserts - medium prioritylove these
DK-1 Alex Rodriguez SN2500
DK-3 Mark McGwire SN2500
DK-4 Ken Griffey Jr. SN2500
DK-5 Derek Jeter SN2500
DK-6 Nomar Garciaparra SN2500
DK-8 Roger Clemens SN2500
DK-9 Greg Maddux SN2500
DK-10 Chipper Jones SN2500
DK-11 Tony Gwynn SN2500
DK-12 Barry Bonds SN2500
DK-13 Sammy Sosa SN2500
DK-14 Vladimir Guerrero SN2500
DK-15 Frank Thomas SN2500
DK-16 Troy Glaus SN2500
DK-19 Pedro Martinez SN2500
DK-20 Carlos Delgado SN2500

2001 Donruss - 1999 Retro Diamond Kings (or Studio, /250.  Either is fine) medium prioritylove these
2 Sammy Sosa SN2500
3 Juan Gonzalez SN2500
4 Ken Griffey Jr. SN2500
5 Derek Jeter SN2500

2001 Donruss - 2000 Retro Diamond Kings(or Studio, /250.  Either is fine) - medium prioritylove these
DK-1 Frank Thomas SN2500
DK-2 Greg Maddux SN2500
DK-3 Alex Rodriguez SN2500
DK-4 Jeff Bagwell SN2500
DK-5 Manny Ramirez SN2500

2001 Donruss - All-Time Diamond Kings(or Studio, /250.  Either is fine) - medium prioritylove these
ATDK-1a Willie Mays SN2500
ATDK-2 Harmon Killebrew SN2500
ATDK-3 Mike Schmidt SN2500
ATDK-5 Nolan Ryan SN2500
ATDK-6 George Brett SN2500
ATDK-7 Tom Seaver SN2500
ATDK-8 Hank Aaron SN2500
ATDK-10 Stan Musial SN2500

2001 Donruss The Rookies - Rookie Diamond Kings (or the numbered version /499, either is fine) - medium prioritylove these
RDK-1 CC Sabathia
RDK-2 Tsuyoshi Shinjo
RDK-3 Albert Pujols
RDK-4 Roy Oswalt
RDK-5 Ichiro Suzuki

2002 Donruss Diamond Kings - medium priority (There are also Bronze, Silver and Gold framed parallels of cards 1-160.  Those are a low priority but welcome)

151 Chris Snelling RC
152 Satoru Komiyama RC
153 Oliver Perez RC
154 Kirk Saarloos RC
155 Rene Reyes RC
156 Runelvys Hernandez RC
157 Rodrigo Rosario RC
158 Jason Simontacchi RC
159 Miguel Asencio RC
160 Aaron Cook RC


2002 Donruss All-Time Diamond Kings - medium priority (or Studio version /250, either is fine)

ATDK-1 Ted Williams SN2500
ATDK-2 Cal Ripken Jr. SN2500
ATDK-3 Lou Gehrig SN2500
ATDK-4 Babe Ruth SN2500
ATDK-5 Roberto Clemente SN2500
ATDK-6 Don Mattingly SN2500
ATDK-7 Kirby Puckett SN2500
ATDK-8 Stan Musial SN2500

2002 Donruss 
Diamond Kingsmedium priority (or Studio version /250, either is fine)

DK-1 Nomar Garciaparra SN2500
DK-3 Randy Johnson SN2500
DK-4 Derek Jeter SN2500
DK-5 Carlos Delgado SN2500
DK-6 Roger Clemens SN2500
DK-8 Vladimir Guerrero SN2500
DK-9 Luis Gonzalez SN2500
DK-10 Mike Piazza SN2500
DK-11 Ichiro Suzuki SN2500
DK-12 Pedro Martinez SN2500
DK-13 Todd Helton SN2500
DK-14 Sammy Sosa SN2500
DK-15 Ivan Rodriguez SN2500
DK-16 Barry Bonds SN2500
DK-17 Albert Pujols SN2500
DK-18 Jim Thome SN2500
DK-19 Alex Rodriguez SN2500
DK-20 Jason Giambi SN2500

2003 Donruss Diamond Kings DK set - Complete, but There are also Bronze, Silver and Gold framed parallels.  Those are a low priority but welcome

2003 Donruss Diamond Kingsmedium priority (or Studio version /250, either is fine)

DK-1 Vladimir Guerrero SN2500
DK-2 Derek Jeter SN2500
DK-3 Adam Dunn SN2500
DK-4 Greg Maddux SN2500
DK-5 Lance Berkman SN2500
DK-6 Ichiro Suzuki SN2500
DK-7 Mike Piazza SN2500
DK-8 Alex Rodriguez SN2500
DK-9 Tom Glavine SN2500
DK-10 Randy Johnson SN2500
DK-11 Nomar Garciaparra SN2500
DK-12 Jason Giambi SN2500
DK-13 Sammy Sosa SN2500
DK-14 Barry Zito SN2500
DK-16 Magglio Ordonez SN2500
DK-17 Larry Walker SN2500
DK-19 Curt Schilling SN2500
DK-20 Barry Bonds SN2500

2003 Diamond Kings - medium priority, main DK set (these are somewhat difficult to find and according to Beckett, not part of the base set.  But I’ll take them if I can find them!)  (There are also Bronze, Silver and Gold framed parallels of cards 1-160.  Those are a low priority but welcome)

177 Hideki Matsui ROO, RC
178 Jeremy Bonderman ROO, RC
179 Brandon Webb ROO, RC
180 Adam Loewen ROO, RC
181 Chien-Ming Wang ROO, RC
182 Hong-Chih Kuo ROO, RC
183 Clint Barmes ROO, RC
184 Guillermo Quiroz ROO, RC
185 Edgar Gonzalez ROO, RC
186 Todd Wellemeyer ROO, RC
187 Dan Haren ROO, RC
188 Dustin McGowan ROO, RC
189 Preston Larrison ROO, RC
191 Kevin Youkilis ROO, RC
192 Bubba Nelson ROO, RC, SN5
193 Chris Burke ROO, RC
194 J.D. Durbin ROO, RC
195 Ryan Howard ROO, RC
196 Jason Kubel ROO, RC
197 Brendan Harris ROO, RC
198 Brian Bruney ROO, RC
199 Ramon Nivar ROO, RC
200 Rickie Weeks ROO, RC
201 Delmon Young ROO, RC

2004 Donruss Base DKs - Top Priority

1 Derek Jeter DK
2 Greg Maddux DK
3 Albert Pujols DK
5 Alex Rodriguez DK
6 Roger Clemens DK
7 Andruw Jones DK
8 Barry Bonds DK
10 Randy Johnson DK
11 Scott Rolen DK
12 Lance Berkman DK
13 Barry Zito DK
15 Carlos Delgado DK
18 Mike Mussina DK
19 Austin Kearns DK
20 Nomar Garciaparra DK
21 Chipper Jones DK
22 Mark Prior DK
23 Jim Thome DK
24 Vladimir Guerrero DK
25 Pedro Martinez DK

2004 Donruss Diamond Kings Inserts (or Studio version /250, or Black version /100, any are fine) medium priority

DK-2 Greg Maddux SN2500
DK-3 Albert Pujols SN2500
DK-4 Ichiro Suzuki SN2500
DK-5 Alex Rodriguez SN2500
DK-6 Roger Clemens SN2500
DK-7 Andruw Jones SN2500
DK-8 Barry Bonds SN2500
DK-10 Randy Johnson SN2500
DK-12 Lance Berkman SN2500
DK-13 Barry Zito SN2500
DK-14 Manny Ramirez SN2500
DK-15 Carlos Delgado SN2500
DK-16 Alfonso Soriano SN2500
DK-17 Todd Helton SN2500
DK-18 Mike Mussina SN2500
DK-19 Austin Kearns SN2500
DK-20 Nomar Garciaparra SN2500
DK-21 Chipper Jones SN2500
DK-22 Mark Prior SN2500
DK-23 Jim Thome SN2500
DK-24 Vladimir Guerrero SN2500
DK-25 Pedro Martinez SN2500

2004 Diamond Kings main set - Complete. (There are Bronze, Silver and Gold framed parallels of the base set.  Those are a low priority but welcome)

2005 Donruss Base DKs - Top Priority

1 Garret Anderson DK
2 Vladimir Guerrero DK
3 Manny Ramirez DK
4 Kerry Wood DK
5 Sammy Sosa DK
6 Magglio Ordonez DK
7 Adam Dunn DK
8 Todd Helton DK
9 Josh Beckett DK
10 Miguel Cabrera DK
11 Lance Berkman DK
12 Carlos Beltran DK
13 Shawn Green DK
14 Roger Clemens DK
15 Mike Piazza DK
16 Alex Rodriguez DK
17 Derek Jeter DK
18 Mark Mulder DK
19 Jim Thome DK
20 Albert Pujols DK
21 Scott Rolen DK
22 Aubrey Huff DK
23 Alfonso Soriano DK
24 Hank Blalock DK
25 Vernon Wells DK


2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Inserts (or Studio version /250, or Black version /100, any are fine) medium priority

DK-1 Garret Anderson SN2005
DK-2 Vladimir Guerrero SN2005
DK-3 Manny Ramirez SN2005
DK-4 Kerry Wood SN2005
DK-5 Sammy Sosa SN2005
DK-6 Magglio Ordonez SN2005
DK-7 Adam Dunn SN2005
DK-8 Todd Helton SN2005
DK-9 Josh Beckett SN2005
DK-10 Miguel Cabrera SN2005
DK-11 Lance Berkman SN2005
DK-12 Carlos Beltran SN2005
DK-13 Shawn Green SN2005
DK-14 Roger Clemens SN2005
DK-16 Alex Rodriguez SN2005
DK-17 Derek Jeter SN2005
DK-18 Mark Mulder SN2005
DK-19 Jim Thome SN2005
DK-20 Albert Pujols SN2005
DK-21 Scott Rolen SN2005
DK-22 Aubrey Huff SN2005
DK-23 Alfonso Soriano SN2005
DK-24 Hank Blalock SN2005
DK-25 Vernon Wells SN2005

2005 Diamond Kings main DK set - Lower priority (The main set is complete, but there are all sorts of framed, black and white and other parallels of the base set.  Those are a low priority but welcome

2005 Diamond Kings Heritage Collection - Lower priority (parallels welcome, but low priority)
HC-2 Bob Gibson
HC-3 Cal Ripken Jr.
HC-4 Dale Murphy
HC-6 Dennis Eckersley
HC-7 Don Mattingly
HC-11 Frank Robinson
HC-13 George Brett
HC-14 Harmon Killebrew
HC-15 Jack Morris
HC-16 Jim Palmer
HC-17 Lou Brock
HC-18 Mike Schmidt
HC-19 Nolan Ryan
HC-20 Ozzie Smith
HC-22 Rod Carew
HC-24 Steve Carlton
HC-25 Tony Gwynn
HC-26 Curt Schilling
HC-27 Bobby Doerr
HC-28 Edgar Martinez
HC-29 Jim Thorpe
HC-30 Mark Grace
HC-31 Matt Williams
HC-32 Paul Molitor
HC-34 Ryne Sandberg
HC-35 Will Clark

2005 Diamond Kings HOF Heroes - medium priority (parallels welcome, but low priority)

HH-51 Eddie Murray
HH-52 Frank Robinson
HH-53 Carlton Fisk
HH-54 Ted Williams
HH-55 Rod Carew
HH-56 Ernie Banks
HH-57 Luis Aparicio
HH-58 Johnny Bench
HH-59 Al Kaline
HH-60 George Kell
HH-61 Robin Yount
HH-62 Nolan Ryan
HH-63 Whitey Ford
HH-64 Reggie Jackson
HH-65 Babe Ruth
HH-66 Rollie Fingers
HH-67 Steve Carlton
HH-68 Robin Roberts
HH-69 Ralph Kiner
HH-70 Willie Stargell
HH-71 Roberto Clemente
HH-72 Gaylord Perry
HH-73 Bob Gibson
HH-74 Lou Brock
HH-75 Frankie Frisch
HH-76 Eddie Murray
HH-77 Frank Robinson
HH-78 Carlton Fisk
HH-79 Ted Williams
HH-80 Rod Carew
HH-81 Ernie Banks
HH-82 Luis Aparicio
HH-83 Johnny Bench
HH-84 Al Kaline
HH-85 Willie Mays
HH-86 Robin Yount
HH-87 Nolan Ryan
HH-88 Whitey Ford
HH-89 Reggie Jackson
HH-90 Babe Ruth
HH-91 Rollie Fingers
HH-92 Steve Carlton
HH-93 Wade Boggs
HH-94 Wade Boggs
HH-95 Willie Stargell
HH-96 Roberto Clemente
HH-97 Gaylord Perry
HH-98 Bob Gibson
HH-99 Lou Brock
HH-100 Frankie Frisch

There are sooooo many more insert sets and parallels from 2001 to 2005.  I would probably be at least a little interested in all of them, bu they are definitely not my priority.

And as I said at the top, Panini Diamond Kings are welcome, just not the priority.

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