Friday, May 20, 2022

Closet box dimes

 So I have a 3000 count box of cards that I have been holding on to for a long time, thinking that if I ever do a card show, I might put it out as a dime box.  But it's been sitting in my closet for years, and I don't really know if I will ever do a card show.

Anyway, I needed something to write a quick post about, so I grabbed a small handful of cards (turned out to be 51 cards in the handful) out of the middle of the third row of the box to look at.  I grabbed one card of each player in the handful to show here, 27 unique players:

I chose the 'most interesting' card of a player if there were more than one.  For example, I think there were 4 Barry Bonds in the handful.  The HoloGRFX card in the scan was the most interesting.

You can tell the box has been sitting around for a while, because there's nothing new in there!

So from this small sample size, what do you think?  How would I do with this type of selection in a dime box?  What card(s) would you pay a dime for in this selection?  What card(s) do you think would never get bought?

Monday, May 16, 2022

Missed four Dodgers

 My last post covered some finds from a recent card show, but when I was putting all the cards away, I came across a few more that I wanted to show.

There is a dealer who is a 'bad condition' collector that often has a table at these shows.  He collects all the older sets, and will take any condition as long as he has every card.  And often he upgrades one of his cards, so he has a box of truly horrible condition vintage for cheap!  Sometimes I think it is overpriced, sometimes good deals, but it's the only way I am likely to get some of these cards, so it's usually worth a look.

Anyway, I didn't find much this time, but what I did find had 3 things in common. 1. They were truly hammered.  2. they were dirt cheap.  And 3. they were, by some cosmic coincidence, all Dodgers.  Here they are:

They were all 10 cents except one, but I can't remember which one was a quarter.  Doesn't matter though, does it?  Drysdale sure looks snazzy, doesn't he?

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Cheap and fun

 I picked up around 225 cards at the card show last week.  The vast majority were dimes, but there were a few .25, .50 and even one $3 card in there!

Here are about 30 of the 225 cards I picked up.

1. Todd Van Poppel - TVP was a big, big name in the hobby for about 4 months in the early 90s.  Wasting a dime on this one for nostalgia was worth it.
2. Jose Canseco - total proof that Canseco's muscles were all natural!
3. Albert Pujols - My 1st Dodger's card of Pujols!!  Numbered too, soo cool for a dime.  I also grabbed several other Dodgers Pujols cards at this show.
4. Ichiro/Pete Rose - Strange design for a card, but Rose and Ichiro were both monster players.  I like it.
5. Harmon Killebrew - #d /99, seemed like it was misplaced in a dime box.  
6. Clayton Kershaw - Topps Tek are weird to me, but an insert of a beast like Kershaw wasn't making it past me.
7. Miguel Cabrera - OK, this one was 50 cents I believe, but a nice, thick, strange die cut like this is right up my alley!
8. Adrian Beltre - another weird, thick die cut.
9. Joe DiMaggio - another 50 center, this die cut is as awesome as the others.  I wish they had used a different color in the background, but oh well.

All kinds of oddballs!  All dimes, as you might expect, but well worth it to me.  About half of these are numbered on the back to some number, usually 5000-10000 or so.

I had never seen the sets that the Glavine, Ryan and both Pucketts are from before.  And the others are pretty cool too.

10 cards in a bag for a dime.  Sweet!  As you can see, the set is still sealed in the bag.  I'm considering setting them free.  It's not like this set is going to be worth big bucks any time soon, and I think I would rather just enjoy the cards.  Back in the mid 80s, Clemens was my brother's favorite player, while Gooden was probably mine.  Good nostalgia set!

I've seen this card around, but never had a copy.  Just too cute to pass up.

I probably grabbed about 50 'young guys' cards for cheap just to have them someday when these guys have grown up.  A few highlights:
I know Kyle Tucker has been around for a while, but I threw him in this batch of young guys.  I thought the sepia RC and the relic card of his were steals at a dime!  I believe the Glasnow is #d /99.

And the only card I spent more than 50 cents on...

A Dr. J RC!!  Well, not really his RC, but from his rookie year.  This set me back $3.  Fun card!