Monday, October 29, 2012

DK Card Draft sign ups now open

OK, I got lots of feedback and it looks like we are a go on the first Diamond King Card Draft!

Here are the details:

-here are the cards up for grabs.  57 'hits' (relic or auto), tons of serial #d, some vintage, rookies etc.  214 total cards.
-I'm shooting for 10 drafters.  Those who commented that they were interested in my previous post have first dibs on a spot as long as they confirm before Wednesday morning, so if you are not one of those, don't send the $$ until I let you know you are in.
-$16 per slot, send it to paypal, use the gift option.  The paypal address is kmattson2002 at yahoo dot com for the draft order, snaking rounds.
-I will have a optional draft kick off on the first day of the draft (date and time TBD).  This will be a gotomeeting (screen sharing) session with a conference line so we can (trash) talk.  I'm thinking about 1 hour.  This will officially kick off the draft, and the first picks will be made.  If you can't make this, just send a list of picks and I will fill them in for you.  After the kick off, all picks should be made with lists so we can keep this moving.
- I was hoping to get this under way asap, but I hear there is some kind of super-storm, and then some election.  So now I am thinking Wednesday Nov 7th as a target date.  Feedback?


  1. happy to participate ! let me know when you want me to send payment !

  2. I've sent my cash, but Wed. Nov 3rd doesn't seem to exist. the 3rd is a Saturday, and the 7th is the first Wednesday in November.

  3. Count me in. May I send my payment on Friday?

  4. I will be in as well, when should I pay?

  5. Oh yeah, I need to comment don't I! I'm in!