Monday, October 1, 2012

September Refractor Report

If you read this blog at all the last 9 months, you know I'm collecting refractors this year.  Any refractors!!  The goal is 1000 for the year.  This is my monthly report.

Here is the monthly progress report for September!

My wife says this picture is too cheesy for my blog, but I think cheesy is the perfect description of my blog, so...

As of September 30th, I have the following:
717 - Baseball Refractors
30 - Football Refractors
55 - Basketball Refractors

802 total Refractors!  That's 143 added over the last month.  Assessment:  Oh yeah!  Last month was (hopefully) the last in a series of disappointing months, but this one was the bomb!!

More math...

I have 80.2% of my goal of 1000 Refractors.
I have been accumulating refractors at a pace of  2.937/day (up from 2.72/day for the 1st 8 months of the year).
I am on pace for 1072 refractors.

Big thanks this month to Mike at Ba Benny's Baseball Card Buffet, Mark from This Way to the Clubhouse and, this months high contributor with a whopping total of 58 refractors, Sam from The Daily Dimwit!  Wow, I gotta send Sam more stuff.  Thanks guys!!

As always, let me know if you have refractors to trade!

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