Thursday, October 4, 2012

What took them so long??

In several holiday posts over the life of this blog, I have lamented the fact that none of my family ever gets me card related gifts.  Not on Christmas, my birthday, veterans day, Halloween, World Radio Day, International Widow’s Day or even Day of the Seafarer!

This shocking lack of love is probably due to the fact that they know absolutely nothing about cards, and are afraid to get me a dud.

But hey, even a dud would be nice if I get cards, right?

But wait!  As you may have guessed since I'm writing this post, the drought has ended!  And I'm only writing about it 3 and 1/2 months later.  I guess that'll teach them!

OK, so I didn't get any (good) cards, but this is a start.  The day was Father's Day.  I am a father.  This entitles me to pampering, mockery and usually a gift or two.  This year, I awoke to four black frames divided into four horizontal sections.  The horizontal sections each had five clear plastic cases in each.  The cases had sports cards from the junk wax era in them.  Something like this, except the cards in mine were much worse:
So, as a family, we laughed, we cried, I thanked them profusely.  Then I went and put some real cards in my new frames!  I apologize for the pics, they are not very good, but you get the idea.

 First, I put most of my 2003 DK Evolution set into one.  It looks great on the wall!

Next, I went through my Mark McGwires and picked out some pretty ones.  This also looks great!  I haven't spoken much about my Big Mac collection on this blog, but I have over 600 different McGwires!  These are all doubles!
Another less publicized part of my collection is the 'funky' cards.  Here are 20 baseball funkys.  I thought they would look good on the wall, and since the only reason I have these colorful and shiny cards is for them to be gazed upon with awe, respect or disdain, the wall is a perfect place for them.  This one looks MUCH better in person, since when you move, you get a kaleidoscope of color and movement!

Why I saved the worst picture for last, I don't know, but I put basketball funkys in the last frame.  Much like the baseball funkys, this one looks great in real life.
Over time, I will replace the cards with others for variety's sake.  Thanks to my fam!  And keep em coming!


  1. These things are great, I have three of them hanging up in my room with some of my favorite vintage cards.

  2. I've got one hanging in my "card room." Each card in it is a key card from the first year or two from my blog (a card that wasn't mentioned as notable, etc.)

  3. My wife used to work at Michael's Craft Stores. They sell something similar, they are pretty cool ! (I never got one though !)