Saturday, October 13, 2012

Card show - Keepers and For Trade

Before we get this post under way, I have added the 2001 Topps Archives Reserve set to my wantlists.  I picked up a few of them at the last show (not pictured) and think I want them all.  So send them my way!

On to the show pickups!  Of course, the show was fun, since it was.... a card show.  Good assortment of dealers and customers.  I picked up a 50+ card stack of older cards on the cheap.  By older, I mean commons from the early 50's to the mid 60's.  I didn't scan those for this post.  I also found good dime box deals on refractors and picked up between 30 and 40 of them.  Sweet!  Again, not pictured here.

Here are a few of the cards I picked up.  This first scan are all cards I plan to keep.
The Carter is a 76 SSPC card. Very interesting.  I also picked up a Fisk, Tony Perez and Don Sutton from this set.  The Giambi is a 92 Staduim Club Dome, woulda been pretty sweet back in the day.  Not so much now.  The Posada and Darvish are my first RC's of each.  The Rose is from the tough 84 Fleer Update set, plus I'm a sucker for Rose in an Expos uni.  I think this might have been the last of his Expos cards I needed.  A framed Ichiro DK finishes up this eclectic bunch.

Now some stuff I really didn't need, but picked up anyway.  All is for trade!
 And more!
The McCann and Jones Die-cuts are up for trade, just like the rest of this page, but I really like them.  It'd be nice to get back a die-cut of a player I might like more in return.  However, that is not required, if you want em, make an offer!


  1. Oh, I'm in need of that Ozzie rookie, if you'd be willing to part. I still have that growing pile of refractors for you.

  2. Love that 1984 Fleer Update Rose... congratulations on that find. Headed over to COMC right now to see if I can score one for my own PC.

  3. dude...i'm throwing in for the yaztremski 'in action', the better condition reggie jackson '71 H.R. leaders and the blue clemente MVP card.

    i'll put together an email for you. keep ur eyes open.

  4. I'd be interested in the 1969 Deckle Edge Clemente.

  5. turns out i already have that reggie jackson. i'm taking a pass on that one.

    sending email offer today for the others.