Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Mac of the Week #2

Mock if you must, but I collect Mark McGwire.  I've been a fan of McGwire ever since his rookie season when he hit a still rookie record 49 (presumably steroid free) bombs.  This series is supposed to be weekly, but I whiffed after week 1.  Not a great start, but I'm the boss of this here blog and I decree that I get a mulligan.  So...

Here's week #2!

This here is a 1993 Topps 'Black Gold' #39. In person, it shines a lot more than in the scan.  But the scan does show off the crosshatch design that Topps used to get this version of the 'Gold' parallels to be one of collectors favorites.

This card was for the 92 season, in which Mark bounced back from a disastrous 91 campaign where he had hit just .210 with only 22 HR's.  He was already battling knee and back problems even though he had not yet hit 30 years old.   I guess that's what a heavy, 6'5" frame gets you.

I remember whispers even back then that Mark must have done something drastic or even *whisper* against the rules to make such a quick turnaround.  Personally, I doubt it was the roids that early, but you never know.  For comparison, how about Adam Dunn's horrible season last year.  He hit .159 and only 11 HR.  This year he bounced back to 41 dingers.  Sure, he only improved his average to .204, but that's .045 better than last year!

In that light, McGwire could have done what he did legally too.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Every now and then, I'll add an old school McGwire to my collection too. My one rule... he has to be in his A's uniform.

  2. I used to be a big fan of McGwire. Not so much anymore, but I don't hate the guy either like I do some (Bonds).

    If anything, the HR chase between him and Sosa is what got me back into baseball after I quit watching because of the strike in '94. So I'll always have a little love for him for that.

  3. Assuming you don't post anything today, it's been four days, and damn was I ever motivated.

  4. Nice catch Greg, I'll get your package together...

  5. sweet, gracias!

    my address hasn't changed. shoot me an e-mail if you need it.