Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MLB scheduling woes

So I'm in Annapolis Maryland on business this week.  I knew about this trip for a while, so I was rooting for the Orioles to make the playoffs.  I figured, as a wild card, they'd be away for the first 2 games, then home for two, right during this week when I'm close.

And they did it!!

But for reasons I still don't understand, MLB didn't go with the 2-2-1 schedule I remember, but a 2-3 schedule.  That's 2 games in Baltimore (before I got here) and then 3 in NY.

Bummer, I wanted to see Camden Yards!

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  1. It's because the 2nd Wildcard got added after the Regular Season and World Series schedules had been finalized, adding the play-in game, and necessitating trimming a travel day from the Divsion Series to keep the World Series on the same days. Logistically I'm not sure why that's so important, but my guess is money owed to Fox if the schedule changed.