Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DK Card Draft surprise round 3

Disclaimer:  This is only open to participants in the DK Card Draft.  If you didn't pay me and send in a list, you are not eligible.  Sorry!

This is the last surprise round in the draft.  I guess they aren't much of a surprise anymore!

To get the order, I took the orders for the last 2 surprise rounds and added the positions together to get a total.  For example, Josh picked 8th in the first surprise round and 5th in the second.  So his total is 13.  Once I got everyone's totals, I ordered this round in reverse order.  Daddyohoho had a total of 17 (10th and 7th) so he picks first.  Sorry BuckStoreCards, into each life some rain must fall...

Here's the order, picks in the comments!

1. Daddyohoho - 72 Palmer
2. Speigel - 68's
3. JerryL - Hendersons
4. JoshD - Aparicio
5. BradR - Killebrew
6. DutchCardGuy - Chapmans
7. RyanG - 53 Mothers Padres Dude
8. Daily Dimwit -Bagwell
9. ShaneD -
10. BuckStoreCards -

This first scan is 3 groups, the 1968 Topps cards, the 2 Hendersons and the 2 Chapmans. 
 The Aparicio is #d /25 and the Bagwell is the 'Black Gold' variation.
Thanks for making this a great and speedy draft!


  1. Wow, way to keep increasing the value of your draft!

    If nobody picked up the Tyrone Wheatley auto, please let me know as I'd love to get it from you.

  2. Hi Dennis -- I got the Wheatley auto and will trade it to you once I receive it. Please contact me: josh.denhartog at gmail.

    I'm 4th this time...my preferences are:

  3. Looks like as 7th I'll have a tough go at this, but...

    1. '68s
    2. that cool Padres card ('53 Mothers?)
    3. Aparicio
    4. Bagwell
    5. Trout
    6. Palmer
    7. Killebrew

  4. Since I am 5th I will make my list as well:
    1. Aparicio
    2. 65's
    3. Jim Palmer
    4. Killebrew
    5. The henderson's


  5. Another surprise round !! I'll take any '64 or any '68, whatever is left when my turn comes up !

  6. I'd like the palmer please. thanks for hosting a great draft.

  7. I'll pick the 68s or the Aparicio serial #/ed

  8. I'll take the Mike Trout Chrome, thanks!

  9. I guess it is the Cespedes for me. No complaints at all about going last here. I don't think I dipped down into triple digits on my original draft list.

    Thanks for the great draft.