Saturday, November 10, 2012

DK Card Draft surprise round 2

Disclaimer:  This is only open to participants in the DK Card Draft.  If you didn't pay me and send in a list, you are not eligible.  Sorry!

This is the second of 2 (maybe more) surprise rounds in the draft!

Here's how this round goes. I have been in a few drafts where I got a pick late in the first round.  It's OK, but kind of a bummer, since you miss out on the top few cards.  So I'm taking pity on those poor souls and setting the order of this surprise round to be the reverse of Round 1.

When it's your turn, pick your card in the comments!  Here is the order:

1. Dutch Card Guy - Glavine RC
2. Buckstore Cards - Grant Hill jersey
3. Daily Dimwit - Munson
4. RyanG - Sosa jersey
5. JoshD - Lakers
6. ShaneD - Strasburg
7. Spiegel - Kinsler
8. Jerryl - Mattingly
9. Brad - Ichiro
10. Daddyohoho - Reggie

It's kind of an eclectic mix this time...


  1. My preferences: Munson, Glavine and Kinsler

  2. My choices: Sosa, Mattingly, Ichiro.

  3. Despite my lower position in the first round, my Mets-loving heart is still quite happy with my cards.

    I'll list the Hill as my first choice, and the Reggie Jackson as my second.

  4. I will pick the Kinsler as my first choice and Ichiro as my second. Thanks.

  5. My fate will be determined by the kindness of strangers....

  6. Who's got what? I'm 2nd to last on this one and i just need to pick between 2.

  7. Brad - just waiting on ShaneD of ShoeBoxLegends to pick and I'll get it updated to you!

  8. There you go Brad, its between Ichiro and Reggie. Two 1 name players!