Thursday, September 22, 2011

Winner Winner, Vintage Dinner

OK, if you just want to see the winner, scroll to the bottom.  You selfish, smelly goldfish molester!

Thanks to all (27) for the great responses to my question.  They fell into several categories.

1. The 'I hate set X or type of card' category.

-I would take any non-sport Allen and Ginter base card over any unlicensed/airbrushed/no-logo baseball base card.
-I would take any attractively designed unlicensed/airbrushed/no logo baseball card over any Bowman-branded base card.i will take any 'game action' card over any 'posing with my bat and a phony baloney smile' any day.
-I would take any vintage birthyear set in any condition over trying to collect the topps SP's and gimmick cards
-I'll take any Ozzie Smith over any Barry Larkin
-I'll take any 1971 Topps card over any 2020 Topps Heritage card.

2. The' I really like card of type X' category

-I'd take my 1987 Topps set that my dad collected for me (it's my birth year) over most non-Astros and HOF Vintge.
-I would take any common 76 Topps over any common 75 Topps
-I will gladly take any card traded for over any card pulled from a pack. (I love this one!)
-I would take any oddball or minor league card over any regular issue card from the same year.
-I would gladly add any '65 Topps to my collection before this year's stuff. I like the look of the '65s with the pennants.

3. The 'Other' category.

-give me a '52 Mantle, period!
-I would take a common of a card I need for my collection over a star card I don't.
-Would I take a beat-up vintage Nolan Ryan (say, early 70's) with a rounded corner or two over a 2011 Topps diamond sparkle insert of Nolan Ryan in perfect shape? I'd be really hard to turn down some vintage... but it'd also be hard to turn down a great new card...

All in all, some great and thought provoking responses!  I'd love to take any of these ideas (or others) and have you and another blogger(or reader etc.) of your choice debate, hosted here on The Diamond King, of course.  If you have any interest, please contact me.

OK, here's what you are really here for, the winner.  After 3 randomization's on, the winner is

Matt of Tenets of Wilson!!!  Congratulations and the cards will be sent out tomorrow.


  1. Definitely would be interested in a guest spot...just let me know...

  2. depends what you need, but i'm down for some bloggin' fun...