Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mountains if useless info

I'm back!!  A 1/2 day early no less.  Still, you have today to get your last entry in the Beat up Vintage Contest.  There are 18 entries so far, so the odds are still not too bad.  On another note:

Coming back to civilization after only 2 days away, I was a bit stunned by the amount of digital catch up I need to do.  I had about 10-15 personal e-mails.  195 work e-mails awaited my attention this morning.  And after that, I looked at my Google Reader... 490 unread items!!!  I think I read too many blogs.

1 comment:

  1. After two days, 490 unread items? Wow. I usually get 60-75 per day if nobody's doing box breaks. You sure keep busy!

    Yet only about 15 personal emails? I had 20 waiting for me this morning from the past 10 hours or so. Granted, many of mine are things like eBay searches and Netflix (um, excuse me, Qwikster) notifications. I have 0 work emails. Ever. Thankfully.

    Welcome back!