Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Shining Die-Cuts holding hands(R.E.M. reference)

The card show this month kind of sucked.  It was smaller than usual.  There was even talk of the show maybe going away since the mall it is held in is being shut down in a couple of months.  That would totally suck!

I walked through the tables, looking for good deals (meaning cheap cards, I am a miser), but really only spent money at one table, one of my favorite dealers.

He had dime boxes, and I grabbed a bunch of stuff, mostly inserts and weird stuff from the late 90's.  I missed that era in collecting and the sheer colorfulness and effort that went into some of the cards back then really appeals to me.  Especially for a dime!

Here are a very few of the cards I grabbed.
Oooooohhhhh!  Shiny!  Most of these look lots better in person.  Now on to die cuts!

I love creative die cuts.  The Albert Belle and football card in the lower left are awesome!  So is the Fred Taylor and the David Justice has tiny pin holes making the portrait of him.  When you hold it up to light, you can really see it well.

I got a ton more like these, and plenty of basketball which I did not scan.  So for a crappy show, I guess I am pretty happy!


  1. I wonder if they would consider moving the show to Mall 205 or Vancouver mall.

  2. The talk was mostly for 205, but Van Mall was mentioned. I hope Van Mall, I live over there.

    Do I know you Rod???

  3. Really liking all the die-cuts. Very cool selection of cards.

  4. I hope they move it over to Mall 205, a little closer to me!