Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cards that make me smile #1

I have been trying really hard to organize my collection into the cards I want and the cards I want to get rid of.  I haven't been having much success.  One of my problems is that there is a 'middle class' of cards that I like, but that don't fit into the keeper part of my collection.  I've been making a stack of these cards and have decided to categorize them as Cards that make me smile.

I will be posting one every so often, maybe even once a day, and explaining exactly why they make me smile.  Hope you enjoy it!

Here is the 1st card that makes me smile...

I LOVED the Fleer Super Special Star subset when I was a kid, and this is a prime example of why.  Poor Mr. Baylor got a card for being hit by pitches!  It is simple and cryptic at the same time.  Just looking at the front, you probably would have no idea what this card is about at all.  Only on the back do you get the skinny on Big Fat Baylor's habit of stepping into pitches.  The pic of him is great!  You'd never see a pic of a ballplayer like that on other cards, but it fits this one perfectly.

Thanks to Don Baylor for his persistence and Fleer for making the card!!!  Enjoy the series.

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  1. I love it! Maybe someday Baylor and Biggio will appear together on a "Masters of the HBP" card.