Monday, August 6, 2012

Two for trade, 8 for keeps

I just got an ebay purchase in the mail.  It was from one of those sellers that offered free shipping after the first card, so I grabbed a few!

The top 2 here are for trade, so let me know if you want em!  The Berkman is #'d /50.

And the rest are keepers for me, but you gotta see them!!
The Ripken Gold Medallion is kind of cool.  I love me the 72 set and if Billy Martin doesn't look pissed at something, then the photo that shouldn't be on one of his cards!  The Guerrero isn't overly wonderful, but it is a serial #'d Diamond King and I need most of that 'Rookie DK' set.  The coolest, in my opinion, is the Jim Thome!  It's from the Christie Brinkley Collection inserts from 96 Pinnacle.  Boxing gloves?  Christie Brinkley?  Are we still talking about baseball cards here???  Great card!
This was the card that got me started on this purchase.  Edgar is revered here in the northwest, and I had no relic of his.  It's an interesting card.  I think I like it.
The Thome was sweet, but this has to be my favorite card of the bunch.  Psycho-George and Cheerful-Al!  Words fail.  Whoever took this picture was not surprised when George went loco at the pine tar game.
And finally, the basketball!  Cheap Ewing RC!  Insanely die-cut Pippen!  These are the kind of hoops cards I'll go for all day long.  At least at the cheap-o prices I got them for!


  1. Oooo... would definately interested in the Berkman!

  2. I'm loving the ripken medallion and the hoops cards!

  3. i need an awesome billy martin card like that.

  4. Cool cards... especially the Pippen insert and the Edgar relic.

    Anyways... I sent you an email requesting your mailing address. You won the Cereal Killers set. Lmk if you're interested in it. If not, no biggie.

    Thanks for taking the time to participate in the contest.