Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Frozen Heads. Is my season over already?

Hey!  I just finished my work's Fantasy Baseball Keeper League draft.  My team name is the Frozen Heads in honor of Ted Williams and his cryogenic hopes.  How did I do??

It's a 3 keeper league, 5x5 standard categories and head to head.  Here were my picks:

Keeper 1 - Stephen Strasburg -  no more innings cap, hopefully he's a beast!
Keeper 2 - Giancarlo Stanton - I hate his 'supporting cast', but the massive power is really cool and in a keeper league, I had to hold on to this guy
Keeper 3 - Evan Longoria - 3B is a key position and lots of the decent ones are injured.  I have high hopes for him.
I could have kept Buster Posey, my best player from last year, but catchers are hard to rely on.  He sure has a nice contract though!

4.     (34)     Yoenis Cespedes (Oak - OF) -  I definitely wanted Yoenis as my first non-keeper pick since he has HUGE upside and is young and a potential keeper for years to come.  I passed over Dustin Pedroia here, the only other player I was considering after the keepers were off the board.
5.     (47)     Adrian Gonzalez (LAD - 1B,OF) - many have given up on him, but I think he will have a bounce back year.  And even if he has last year again, he was basically worth it here.
6.     (54)     Jacoby Ellsbury (Bos - OF) - Scary!  He will never be what he was a couple of years ago, but decent average lots of runs and a decent amount of SB made him hard to pass up at pick 54
7.     (67)     Johnny Cueto (Cin - SP) - I was getting behind on pitching, so I grabbed the next best on the board.  He had a great year last year, I hope he can keep it up.
8.     (74)     Martin Prado (Ari - 2B,3B,SS,OF) - I like him in AZ, plus look at all those positions he's eligible for!  Super-utility man.
9.     (87)     Carlos Gomez (Mil - OF) - This was the gamble I was planning on from the start of the draft.  He was truly great the last couple of months last year.  If he can even sniff how good he was, I'll have struck gold in the 9th round.
10.     (94)     Jake Peavy (CWS - SP) - Ouch.  Still in need of pitching and this was the best I could do?  Please have one more good year!
11.     (107)     Mariano Rivera (NYY - RP) - Please have one more good year!  Actually, this pick and the next were auto-drafted since my computer crashed.  It's OK, I needed relievers.
12.     (114)     Sergio Romo (SF - RP)
13.     (127)     Salvador Perez (KC - C)- It was between Perez and Montero for my catcher at this point and I went for the trendy pick.  Turns out I could have grabbed Montero 6 rounds later, so this was a bad pick!  I do like Perez though...
14.     (134)     Todd Frazier (Cin - 1B,3B,OF) - Between him and Prado, I have the whole diamond covered!!
15.     (147)     Homer Bailey (Cin - SP) - My 3rd Cincinnati Red?  OK.  He has always had the talent and last year in the second half, he put it together.  Do it again Homer!
16.     (154)     Grant Balfour (Oak - RP) - Can he repeat last year?  I doubt it, but he was cheap and I needed more saves.
17.     (167)     Andrelton Simmons (Atl - SS) - Another calculated risk.  I passed on SS until round 17 and picked up Atlanta's star SS of the future.  And the future starts now!
18.     (174)     Ike Davis (NYM - 1B) - I had planned on grabbing another Braves future star here, Julio Teheran, but the goober before me grabbed him, leaving me to take the highest ranked player left, Ike Davis.  He could be a steal this late though.
19.     (187)     Bobby Parnell (NYM - RP) - My last reliever.  My relievers are underwhelming, but I have 4, so I only need 3 to really perform.
20.     (194)     Jeremy Hellickson (TB - SP) - Best SP left.  Good upside too.
21.     (207)     Adam Eaton (Ari - OF) - a shot in the dark.  Might not be on my roster long.
22.     (214)     Carlos Marmol (ChC - RP)- Autodrafted.  Let's see who's on the waiver wire...

So, how did I do?  Who do you see as my best picks and my worst?  Go ahead, I can take it!


  1. I passed on keeping cespedes in my single keeper league this year. I'm sure I will come to regret my decision.
    I'm guessing marmol is no longer on your team by now?

  2. Best picks: Hellickson,Cespedes,Strasburgh Worst picks:Stanton,Peavy.e the blog Overall the team is solid and i believe has solid upside, good job. Love the blog btw I'm following check mine out
    feel free to join the site if you like what you see. good luck this year in fantasy baseball.