Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Card show prep - help a noob!

With me health getting back to normal, I have been thinking about getting started on a project that I have wanted to do for a long time.  Be a dealer at a card show!  And I want your input to help me be successful.

I NEED to get rid of a large number of cards.  I've thought about sending large packages out to a bunch of bloggers, but there are two problems with that for me:
1. The time and effort needed to separate cards into bunches appropriate to individual bloggers.  I don't have it.
2. Postage.  Even regular, small time trading costs too much for me, most of the time.  Large shipments, especially a bunch of them, would be completely out of the question.

So a card show blowout seems like a good idea.  I get rid of cards (hopefully in the range of 25000 or so!), I make a little money (not much I expect) and people at the show get cheap cards (nothing too awesome though).  It's a win all around.

So here is what I plan to sell.

Nickel Boxes - Baseball (~8000 cards), Basketball (~8000 cards) and Football (~3000 cards)
These have stars, but nothing that probably books for over $2 or $3.  No completely junk cards or players, but a decent amount of junk wax too.  I may give price breaks if people buy a decent amount.  Like if you buy over 100 cards, they are 3 cents each  or something.  What do you think?

Dime Boxes - Baseball(~2500) and Basketball(~1000)
A better grade of cards here, but still not super.  Here is a scan of 9 random cards I pulled from the baseball dime box.

There are better cards than these in there, and worse as well I suppose.  Again, I will likely give discounts for volume.

70's commons (~2000) from 1971-75
Many of these have condition issues and they are all commons with very few semistars.  I'm thinking dimes, but maybe nickels?  What do you think?
Plastic semi-rigid cases with price tags on them (~750, fills a 3000 count box)
Here are examples:
2 cents each? 1?  3 for a penny?  Any input on this is appreciated.  I'm hoping to get someone to make me an offer on the whole box.  I'm thinking around $10 maybe?

Anyway, that is mostly it.  I have some other random stuff (small sets, oddball) that I might take.  ANY input on this is greatly appreciated.

I don't know how to finish this post...

Um, Rock On!?!?


  1. I wish I could help. I've thought about being a card seller, but I really only have enough stuff for one kick-ass dime or quarter box. I doubt I would make the $40 table fee back. The shows are just not busy enough, and I just don't have enough stuff.

    My only advice from a buyer's perspective would be to have lots of rare Griffeys.

  2. If you're looking for interaction with other collectors, I'm sure selling at a show could be fun. But I'm not sure that anyone makes much of anything from these things.

    Pricewise, that sounds about on the money, at least for my personal tastes. Nickel and dime boxes are great. Always have a price, though. I won't even think about buying something that doesn't have a price on it because no one has time for that.

    Unless you're looking for that face-to-face time (or don't have internet access) it seems like at least a portion of what you have could sell on COMC.

    Also, I'd totally pay $10 for a big box of used toploaders.

  3. The last show that I set up at was a lot of fun. People seemed to love cheap autos/game used cards. Lower end stuff that people dug through. Buyers also enjoyed some modern singles from my dime boxes.

  4. Sounds like a solid plan. I'm a huge fan of dime boxes and bargain bins, so if you're setting up in California... let me know and I'll try to take some cardboard off of your hands.

    If you're looking to dump commons, I sold about 50k cards earlier this year to a guy on Craigslist for $100. It was so refreshing to get those cards out of my house.

    Good luck... hope you fill your wallet.

  5. Those nickel/dime boxes would surely be a hit with me. Discounts for volume purchases are always a plus.

    I agree with madding, too. Make sure you have a clear price labeled on the fronts of the boxes/individual cards you plan to sell. I tend to pass up cardboard that doesn't have prices listed at shows.

    Best of luck!

  6. My 1st thought was the same as Junior Junkie. Getting enough to cover the table fee. But reading more of the comments you could get that guy who raids the dimebox.
    Years ago , I took some boxes to a local hospital and " donated " them. the kids who were sick were able to go through them and I was given a tax write off for the donation. a win - win in my book.