Monday, August 16, 2021

Five from Maddux

 In my last "5 From" post I asked if anyone had a player they would like to see featured on a "5 From" post.  I got a few suggestions and will be going through them in the order they were suggested.  So first up is Greg Maddux!

Now if you are expecting amazing auto's, patches or 1/1s in my Maddux collection, you will probably be disappointed with these five cards.  They aren't big money cards or anything like that.  Instead, they emphasize my enjoyment of bright, sparkly colors and die cuts.  Oh, and I always think of Maddux as a Brave, so there isn't going to be much for you Cubs, Padres and Dodgers fans here. 

First up!

5. 1998 Pinnacle - Epix Play - a sweet, crazy card!!  As you may be able to tell from the scan, this thing shines!  The purple is an interesting choice, but its hard to argue with how much pop this card has.

4. 1999 Topps - Lords of the Diamond - another card with pop!  This one scanned strangely.  Not that there isn't some purple to be seen when you move the card around, bit it isn't as predominant as what the scan shows.  I love this set, and am actively collecting it.

3. 1987 Leaf RC - OK, one Cubs card!!  I picked this one out of all his RCs because it is a Leaf card.  And back in the 80s, I saw very few Leaf cards!!  So I always figured that they would be more valuable.  Nowadays, not so much, but maybe a small premium.  I can remember a Leaf Kirby Puckett RC being a prized possession at one point.

2. 1996 Fleer Ultra - Season Crowns - I like this insert set a lot, but I don't really know why.  It is an acetate card, which I always love, and is see through on the outer edges:

Here is the card with an 87 Fleer Maddux RC behind it so you can see that better.

And the #1 favorite Maddux card in my collection???

1. 1996 Leaf Studio - Stained-Glass Stars - I love all the stained glass cards out there, and while this one isn't quite as awesome as the Gallery of Heroes sets from 1997-2000 and 2013, it is still quite nice.  And I definitely love how 'professor-y' Greg looks here.  Doing some calculus in his head on how to get the batter out!

Thanks to gcrl for suggesting Maddux for this!


  1. As usual, you talk down your cards before showing them, and then BAM! Five really cool cards!

  2. I'm a big fan of Maddux. Loved him since the days of watching Braves games on TBS. The Studio Stained Glass card is gorgeous. Love colorful acetate inserts.