Friday, September 3, 2021

A couple of appreciated deliveries

 After a month or so with no cards in my mailbox, I received unexpected incoming cards on back to back days!  Made my day(s)!

The first cards were from the Nocturnal and Silent Carnivorous Bird, AKA Night Owl.  If I remember correctly, I had commented that I liked both of these cards he sent when he posted them on his blog.  Someone reads my comments?  And then is so generous to send me the cards I comment on?  Wow!  Anyway, here is what he sent...

2021 Topps Stadium Club - Oversized Master Photo Variation Topper - Fernando Tatis Jr.

2021 Topps Stadium Club - Virtual Reality - Mike Trout

Both very cool cards that Night Owl evidently didn't need, neither of them being Dodgers.  I remember commenting about the Tatis, something about comparing the 'Master Photo's from 2021 to the old ones from the early 90s.  Having only seen them in scans on a blog, I assumed that they were similar in size to those older versions.  It appears that I was wrong, as you can see from the side by side scan above, they are wider than a standard card, but also shorter.  Still very cool, but not what I was expecting!

Here is a scan of the Tatis along side one of the original Master Photo's from back in the day.  Mucho smaller!

Then the next day, I got an envelope from Brendan, AKA Elliptical Man.  Another unexpected windfall!  And again, as is common with bloggers, The Semi-Circular One didn't just throw random cards at me, but had paid attention to things I had written in the past and tailored his gift accordingly.

Two very nice DK Metcalf RCs!  I gotta say, I think my daughter likes these more than I do, she is a pretty big DK fan.  She especially liked the one with the Seahawks uniform.

Extremely generous guys, thank you so much!

On a completely unrelated note, this name, Elliptical Man.  Elliptical can refer to the ellipse, a special kind of oval, or a way of writing/communicating that is short and may leave out parts.  I have been using the oval definition in my head, but maybe that was a mistake.  Elliptical Man is pretty terse in his writing style.

Which is it Brendan?????  What's the significance of the name?


  1. You are welcome! I'm pretty sick of hearing about both of those guys. Did you know they are really good?

    1. I guess I had heard that. Wasn't sure the source was reliable, but if you vouch for it, I will trust them.

  2. I'm sure you've probably already mentioned it before, but what's the deal with your daughter and Metcalf?

    1. I don't know, she just really likes him! I'm afraid it might have to do with his chiseled abs, but hopefully not. She is a track star, so maybe the speed thing has something to do with it.

  3. DK is a beast! I'm partial to Davante Adams myself. Kinda disappointed in how small those Master Photos are. As a fan of all things 1993-related I was looking to add one to my collection, but how would I store it?

    Night Owl and Elliptical Man are two very generous lads. I've been curious about the Elliptical one's name as well.

  4. Awesome Tatis! Didn't realize this year's Master Photos were so much smaller than the originals. Then again... if they're putting them into blaster boxes it makes sense.

  5. I would have thought Elliptical Man would have replied by now. I was curious about the name myself!