Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Show pickups

 Got a short card show recap for you here...

First thing I bought, before I even entered the show was a big 3 row box full of top loaders.  Nice, pristine top loaders too, not scratched up or with stickers on them.  I was running super low, and I keep the vast majority of my keeper collection in top loaders, so this was a great find for me.  However, top loaders have gotten quite spendy around here, and I had to blow over half of my show money on them.  $45, including the box, which I needed too.

I ended up bring home about 100 cards, but I will only show a few here.  First up are a few I found in 20 cent boxes.

1. The maniac Rex Hudler 'Members Only' parallel caught my eye.  What a weirdo, but I guess that is what I collect now!

2. Two months ago, I had zero Minnie Minoso's in my collection.  But last show I found a nice oddball of him, and this show I found this cool Record Breaker card.  Nice accomplishment Minnie!

3. The Expos Jose!  Been looking for a copy of this for quite a while. 

4. Salvador Perez had quite a season, and this Artist's Proof pickup seemed worth my 20 pennies.

5. Beautiful Metal Frank Thomas.  This scanned pretty weakly, looks much better in hand.  That's not the last poorly scanned Metal card in this post!

6. MooTown Snackers.  Yeah, that's not an oddball you see in the Pacific Northwest much.  Or at least I haven't.

It really must have been a quirky day, because in addition to the unusual cards above, I also grabbed this weird old Kirk Douglas.  I think I paid 50 cents.  No idea what it is, and don't really have a use for it, but I am always reading on other blogs about how they like non-sports cards, so someday this will probably end up in one of their piles.  If interested, please inquire.
If you look on my wantlists, you will see that there are a number of cards that I am willing to take as many copies as I can get.  As long as they are cheap!  These are mostly cards I really liked when I was a kid, that are now much closer to worthless than they used to be.  Like these 33 Eric Davis RCs!  And a few others.  All of these were either 10 or 20 cents.

At a recent show I found a couple of these Topps Dynamic Duals, and some of you commenters helped me out with info about them.  I guess they are Topps Online Exclusives.  Not serial numbered, but limited to 1200 copies.  And this show, I found another, with a couple of all time great Yanks on it!  It 'might' make it into my keepers, but it 'might' be available if some Yankees fan out there is interested.
Here is the aforementioned Metal card that didn't scan well.  This one looks REALLY good to me in person, but the scan doesn't do it justice.
And the pickup of the show...

Look at that price tag. This was right next to another one with the same price, but this one looked a little different, with the brownish stuff around the edges.  So I scooped it up.  Turns out it is the 'Gold' version, serialed /2019!!  Yay, I think it was a good buy.


  1. Yeah, that's a good deal on the Vlad Jr. I like the Minoso too.

  2. I like knowing that there's another blogger who's hoarding multiple copies of certain cards, even if they are hoarding one of the same ones as me. Metal never scans well, but even so, your scan of that Kemp turned out much better than mine ever do. And I love that Dutch Gum Kirk Douglas! I can't say that I've ever come across one at a show before. I recently bought a pair of Marilyn Monroe's off of eBay, and they were definitely more than fifty cents apiece.