Saturday, April 16, 2022

Short show show and tell

 It's been quite a month here at DK.  As happens from time to time, work decided that my life would be dedicated to it for a while.  Been seriously crazy.  I haven't posted but once since the last card draft, and I really haven't been able to read any blogs either.

I AM going to do more card drafts, as they seem popular.  Not this month though!  And likely not until June, the way things are going...

On to some happier news, my wife and I are taking a long delayed trip!  It was supposed to happen for our 20th anniversary.  But one of our kids ended up having to have some surgeries, and we had to postpone due to lack of $$.  Then we wanted to do it for our 25th, but covid slapped those plans down.  So here we are, finally heading out to Hawaii!  Should be fun.

And finally, what you are probably here for, I found an hour to hit a local card show!  Here are a few of my finds that I found interesting.

These guys were .10 and .25.  Amazing deals for vintage cards of a local standby and a HOFer!  Happy to have them.

Three oddballs.  A very weird 1995 Stouffers Legends of Baseball Pop-Ups Yogi Berra.  Dime.  Some Bo Jackson 'prototype' card I have no idea who made.  And lastly, a sweet Johnny Mize from 1977 Shakey's WASSCA Convention Superstars.  Whatever that is!  And even better, the autograph on the bottom of the card is printed on, but the one on top appears to be an authentic on card signature.  No COA, so can't tell for sure, but it looks legit.  And it was 50 cents, so I'm good either way.

Here are the backs of those three cards...

Now some one offs:
Love the burned look on this die-cut.  Hadn't seen these before.

A 2005 Topps Heritage Flashback Hank Aaron.  Who doesn't like Hank for a dime?

2014 Bowman Chrome 'Bubbles Refractor' Adrian Beltre, #'d /99.  Cool looking card.  I wasn't aware of Bubbles Refractors!

1996 Finest Jeter.  This was a quarter.

I picked up several from this unleashed set, various versions, some serial numbered, some shiny.  I decided to show this one out of the bunch.  I really like the set, but I am not sure about the black and white Ruth pic though.  Kind of incongruous.  

2021 Prizm Ohtani.  I don't know what kind of prizm this is, but out of the 40 variations or so that Panini puts out for every card, this is one of them.  Looks much nicer in person, the scanner didn't play nice with this one.

I recently found that my Topps Machado RC had a stain on the front.  Bummer!  So I grabbed this bright and funky 2012 Bowman Platinum to replace it until I find another.

This was a buck.  You might not be able to tell, but it is badly off center, top to bottom.  Don't care, I will buy that for a buck all day long.

Last card!  I have been having a bit of a hard time with photo variations.  Can't really say I love them, especially when they are not a unique or meaningful pic.  But I like this one!  Pitcher batting is nice (soon to be rare on cards?) and I love Expos unis!!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to post after my trip to the tropics!


  1. That Mize auto looks legit, it matches an 8x10 I have of him.
    Only $1 for a Ripken rookie? That's a good deal, no matter the centering.

  2. A lot of good deals. A bit jealous.

  3. Great pickups! I especially like that Expos Scherzer variation and Ohtani Prizm .. whatever parallel lol.

  4. Have a nice time in Hawaii.

    Great Beltre.

  5. Hope life slows down for you soon. I can relate on life being quite busy. Plus I hope youband the wife enjoy your trip. Great pickups at the show. I love to uncover hidden gems in dime and quarter boxes at shows and other places.

  6. Not sure what I'm more jealous of... the dollar Ripken rookie or your trip to Hawaii. Have fun!

  7. Ooh, some seriously nice pickups and quite the bargains, too.

  8. Have lots of fun on your trip, Kevin! And be sure to take a few pictures that are blog friendly, so that we can all see what we were missing :)