Thursday, July 21, 2022

Owl delivery

 I've been thinking that we need a pre-defined widget to drop into our blogs that makes the excuses why we haven't posted in so long.  Something like this:

I mean seriously, I have taken unannounced long breaks from blogging numerous times, and every time I come back, I whine about how life has been hard, or work has taken so much of my time or whatever.  Not that those things aren't real, but nobody comes to my blog wanting to hear my sob story, right?

Anyway, I am back and hope to get back to normal posting times.  I have some content lined up, unfortunately, a lot of it is just "look at what I got" posts.  I will be trying to mix in some "Flash Freebies" as well.  And I definitely want to get some more PWE drafts going, but probably not until September.


On to the post!  As you have probably seen on numerous other blogs, Night Owl has recently blasted out twenty 250 card packages to some of his lucky readers.  This is my report!  In the interest of getting this post out there, I only have three pics, but there were so many fun and interesting cards in the box that didn't make it in here.  

I chose these 9 cards as some of my favorites in the package:

Yay!  Stars, oddballs, cool photos, early Prizm and of course, The Chicken!

There were also a ton of young-ish players in there, lots of rookies.

And the cards I have shown were exactly the kinds of cards I would have expected from the great Owl.  Fun and variety.  What I did not expect was this great card straight off my wants!
Woohoo!!  Thanks a ton Greg!!

Anyway, I don't feel like this post has done Night Owls delivery justice, but hey, at least I posted again!


  1. The posting struggle is real. I'm over a month since my last.


  2. Appreciate you posting again and including me in the return post. And if a fat guy sits on me and prevents me from blogging you better believe I'm writing about it.

  3. Congratulations on adding the Tatis rookie card to your collection! Very generous of Night Owl. Hopefully he returns to the Padres soon and adds some much needed offense to their lineup.

  4. Plenty of good cards.

    The Tatis is probably worth the most, but it's a ho card. So my vote goes to the Sandman.

  5. Love that widget idea! How 'bout another option to add to it: Busy thinking about campaigning to be named "King of Procrastinators".