Wednesday, September 28, 2022

From Johnny and gcrl

Well, from the lack of posting recently, its obvious I have been busy.  The main thing was a 10 day (!!) work trip.  Longest I have ever had.  I have been trying to read some blogs and comment, but there has been no time for posting.  However, being away that long allowed some mail to pile up!

First up, I have been the happy recipient of several PWE packages from Johnny over the last few weeks, each with an excellent variety. 


4 cards of HOFers, a RC of an underappreciated young stud and more!  The Brett especially is a nice looking card.

Nice stuff.  I wouldn't have expected a vintagey Carlton in these deliveries!  And the Betts is a card I need for an upcoming project (*tease), so nice bonus there!
Lots of stuff could probably be said about these cards (like Scherzer's exertion face), but I can't think of anything but my first Lindor RC!!  Thanks a ton, Johnny!

Also, gcrl decided I needed a sweet little pick me up out of nowhere!  I always say I would love older refractors, but rarely get them.  These three were very welcome!  In fact the Billingsley was a need for my 2011 Topps Chrome Refractors set build that will never finish.

Thanks a bunch gcrl!!

And hopefully I will get back to some actual posts soon!


  1. I'm having terrible luck on those Johnny Trading Spot giveaways. I console myself by saying I don't need more random cards.

  2. The '73 Carlton is really nice. Great photo, and the card itself appears to be in pretty solid shape.