Monday, January 21, 2013

Dime Box finds

I grabbed these out of a dime box at last months show.  So what, says you?
Well, these happen to be my first Topps Tiffany cards!  These are 85 Topps Tiffany, of which Topps said it made only 5000 sets.  Pretty rare for those days!!

More Dime Box and Quarter Box finds coming soon...


  1. Nice! I paid 50 cents for the lone '85 Topps Tiffany card in my collection last month, you definitely got a terrific deal there.

    That Carew is one of my absolute favorites from the '85 set.

  2. I'd say you hit a home run. Like Nick, I only have one '85 Tiffany card in my collection. It actually happens to be the Saberhagen.

    Good finds!