Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Dime Box Finds

More fun for cheap, AKA my collecting wheelhouse, AKA dime boxes!

Today we have 2 TCMA issues from the 70's.

On the left, one of the All Time Greats (in the 'my favorite goofy looking players' collection), The Sphinx, Don Mossi!!  And on the right, one of those 'one name wonders', Rocky!  Usually when you can get away with only one name its because you are famous.  So I figured this was Rock Colavito or someone I'd heard of.  Nope, its Rocky Nelson, AKA Glen Richard Nelson.  He had a 12 year career mostly in the 50's.  He never played more than 98 major league games in a season, had 31 career HR and a .249 batting average.  On the plus side, he won a World Series with the Pirates in 1960 and was a major success as a minor league player.  For example, in 1958, he had a line of  43 HR, 120 RBI, .326 BA for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Plus, you know his mother loved him.
I am unsure why T.C.M.A. made a card of him in 1974.
Both cards have a place in my collection!!


  1. Excellent Mossi, bro! I didn't know he was called "The Sphinx." Was it the ears?

  2. In 1974, TCMA made an entire set of The Boys of Summer, the 1952 Dodgers (Roger Kahn's book came out a few years earlier). There is a card of every player to have an at-bat or inning pitched for the team.

    I have the whole set.