Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Delayed mail day

I have not had internet access at home for about 10 days.  Actually, it has come up for an hour a couple of times, but cuts right back out.  Time to switch providers?  I think so.

Anyway, that is the reason for the lack of posts.  I have responded to a few emails at work, but that's it.  And not I'm writing this at work!  Don't tell my boss.

In the past 10 days, I have received two packages in the mail!!  They were from Steve D. and Brandon L., and both had cards for the Latin Project!  A ton of them!  I only got a few scanned before the net went down.  Here they are:
I received 48 from Brandon and 63 from Steve for a total of 103 new Latins!  For those of you who do math in your head and noticed that 48 + 63 does not equal 103, there were a few players that they both sent. 

I now have 284 total players in the project!  That's 19.0%!  Thanks a ton guys!

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