Wednesday, February 26, 2014

McGwires from Fuji

I have a tough time with my McGwire collection. I have about 700 unique McGwires.  That's a drop in the bucket, but when I go to shows, nobody has any for cheap.  When I trade, nobody seems to have McGwires I need, especially inserts.  There are probably 1000 different McGwire inserts from 1999 alone.  So why are they (semi) tough for me to find?  I don't know. 


I recently made a trade with the Great Fuji!  He wanted a Steve Garvey Padres jersey card, and surprise!  On his trade bait page were McGwires!  Ones I actually need!  Here they are:
This is card 220 in 1999 Topps.  There are 70 different versions of this card, each with the number of one of McGwires home runs.  I have a whopping 3 of them...

My first Sport Kings card of any kind.

And this is one of 15 'ReMarkable' cards.  It's an insert set.  This is #10 out of the 15 for me.

Thanks a ton Fuji!!  And if anyone has tough to find McGwires, let me know!


  1. Hello! Are you still collecting? I might have some cards from your Steroid Era project. I'm also on the lookout for Diamond Kings. I have a wantlist up at my blog