Saturday, April 18, 2020

End radio silence - a Covid based resurrection!

Hello folks!!  I can't imagine anyone has this blog still on their radar, but with all the staying at home mania sweeping the nation, I've felt the need to start back up here.  It's been....

6 years????  I just checked, and I haven't posted in 6 years?  Amazing.

Well, I will be posting a bit more often than that going forward.  I hope to use this as an outlet for the tedium, but also as a way to drum up some trades.  Who doesn't like trades?  And if I actually get people reading this thing a little, I will probably jump on the 'Free cards Friday', or BFG bandwagon that I see a few places like:

Johnny's Trading Spot

Probably others too!  If you know of them let me know.

All of the wantlists and project pages are out of date, but I will work on getting them up to speed asap!

Please comment so I know if anyone is still reading!

And just so you get a taste of what I was doing when I decided to write this post:

I read on Fuji's blog that Jordan cards are all the rage right now.  So I grabbed my Basketball 'for trade' box and pulled out all of my Jordan's.  That is only about 1/3 of them, and I have a few pretty nice ones mixed in with all the more common ones.  Something to do!


  1. Welcome back! I started reading a few months after you went dormant, I think, and started my own in November 2014. Always good to have another blog to read!

  2. Nice MJs! And good to see your name pop up on the blogroll.

  3. Your blog is new to me, but I'm always happy to add a "new" one to the blogroll. Our numbers have dwindled some in recent years, so a fellow blogger deciding to return to the fold is always cause for celebration :)

  4. I thought I was seeing things when I saw your comment on my blog this morning...

    Welcome back!

  5. Thanks guys! I'm excited to get back into the community!.

  6. Looks like you opened up a ton of 1993-94 Topps. That's a great shot of Jordan dunking.

  7. Welcome back. I'm happy to move you out of the "Retired" section of my RSS reader.

  8. Jordans are always in style. Enjoying the ESPN documentary and found myself looking back at these as well.