Thursday, April 23, 2020

Diamond Nine #4

The rules:

9ish cards are up for grabs.  Free!  Just claim what you want.  If you like it, claim it and I will send it out within a few days in a PWE.  (I'm cheap, PWE's all the way!)  Or if you like, I'd be glad to hold your stack until you have a few claimed.

First come in the comments, first served.  You will have to shoot me your mailing address the first time you claim something.

Today's cards:

Top 3 are refractors, the Perez is numbered /699 and the Abreu is /25!  How'd that get in the giveaway pile!

The next 6 are all numbered:
James /55 jeez, must be low number day...
Barrett /100
Drabek /50
Parra /250
Jones /2013
Schlereth/Steele /1500

I kind of wish I'd spread those low numbered ones out a bit, but oh well.  Claim away!


  1. I'll sign up for Chuck James please and thanks!

  2. Het gcrl! Shoot me your address, I don't have all the addresses from the old days.

  3. Abreu for the Angels collection please! Thank you!

  4. I'll take Oliver Pérez if I may. Thanks!

  5. I'd like the Adam Jones Topps Gold card please.