Monday, April 20, 2020

Cards I should throw out... but I wont?

One of the things I would really like to do is downsize my collection.  It's not huge, at least in relation to some of the truly massive sorting projects I see on some blogs out there.  But I have a lot of cards I don't want.  I have several boxes of Baseball, Basketball and even a little football that I want to sell as dime boxes at a local show if we ever get back to having card shows.  Or maybe I'll make them nickel boxes!  Penny boxes?  I just want to get rid of them, but I'd like to get something out of them after storing them for all these years!

So yeah, if I am wanting to sell them in penny boxes, they aren't that great of cards.  I know that, that's part of why they are hard to get rid of.  Plus, selling cards in penny boxes probably won't even get me my table fee back!

But I have other cards that are even less 'valuable'.  Cards that when your Mom threw them out, you never even cared.  Or maybe even noticed.
Who cares!!

But every time I come across them, I never even consider tossing them.  I don't want to do a psychological deep dive into my collecting psyche, because I might find some really disturbing stuff in there.  So I'll just say that I keep them because I am a sentimental sports sucker.

OK, so after all that buildup, you probably just want to see the junk.  Right.  Fine.

Here are some of the cards I am talking about...

What?  Those aren't even cards, they're stickers!  Well they are card shaped and sports themed, so they check all the boxes in my collector's heart.

So what do you think?  Am I sick?  Professional help?  I don't even have a clue where I got these, but I'm pretty sure I won't ever toss them out.  Even the duplicates.  I think I had a daydream about using the stickers to decorate something... like I'm a scrapbooker or something.

But that's not all.  I got other sports too!  At least these aren't stickers...

For some reason I love these.  These were one of the first 'high end' basketball releases, though now they are considered junk wax.  But at the time, they were a step towards the gaudiness of the 90's basketball scene.  And I guess there's enough nostalgia there for me.  Nice design, in my opinion.  I love seeing the older logo's and the teams that have changed names or cities (Sonics, Bullets).

OK, this post has gone on long enough.  But I got one more, this time Football!

OK, I REALLY have no idea where I would have gotten these.  I only slightly collect football, and only stars really.  These look like they are from a Pacific set though, and they even have variations!

Each team has one card number, in the case of the Rams above, its card #28.  But they each have a variation with the team helmet and another with some team uniform and gear.  Now those gotta be worth a ton on the open market, right????

So anyway, I guess the point of this post is to let you into the mind of crazy a little.  I have a hunch that the crazy mind is a common theme among many of us card collectors.  Maybe you don't have my particular brand of crazy, but if you have your own, share it!!


  1. I've had some good luck moving large boxes of commons on Facebook Marketplace for cheap. Even if I only get $20 out of it, bit easier to justify.

  2. Cool, I am not familiar with all the ways people are selling cards these days. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh Man, I love Fleer baseball stickers. So much that I'm collection the entire run, variations and all. Probably never complete it, but it's fun trying.

  4. I see nothing wrong with hoarding sports cards. I like those football ones with jersey and helmets. Can’t remember which version I have for my Giants pc

  5. Well, Sports Card Collectors, if you figure out which one you have, let me know and I will send the other one!

    1. Thanks! I will take a look today! Appreciate it

  6. I'm definitely a fan of logo/helmet cards like the ones in this post. And I'm planning on acquiring some more Fleer stickers for the stadium backs.

  7. A. The only cards I can remember throwing away were moldy ones I found in a box I purchased from the flea market. I'm sure there have been damaged cards here and there too that I tossed assuming nobody else would want them. The rest I've either sold (on Craigslist or at the flea market), donated to Goodwill, or taken to my classroom.

    B. There's totally a market for those Fleer Stickers. Like Tom, I collect them and their variations. You should list them on eBay and put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

  8. I'm all in on those SkyBox team logo cards. I like the set as a whole but I also love seeing those old logos. I like the football helmet cards as well. Never seen those but I might have to track some down. Commons are always tough. I don't have a good answer though. I have a ton of basketball cards I purchased in a Facebook Marketplace deal. I pulled what I wanted but now have thousands I'm not sure what to do with. May put 'em back on Marketplace.