Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Diamond Nine #7

The rules:

9ish cards are up for grabs.  Free!  Just claim what you want.  If you like it, claim it and I will send it out within a few days in a PWE.  (I'm cheap, PWE's all the way!)  Or if you like, I'd be glad to hold your stack until you have a few claimed.

First come in the comments, first served.  You will have to shoot me your mailing address the first time you claim something.

Today's cards:
Top 6 are refractors, Zimmerman is an X-Fractor, LaRoche is /564, Southard is /50

Bottom 3 are #'d, Escobar /1960, Hernandez /250, Kent /2003

And 3 bonus cards...

Lance Niekro (Joe's kid!) /999, and the other 2 cards, I don't even know what they are.  They look like refractors, but are not labeled as such.  They are 2013 Bowman Chrome.

Claim away!