Saturday, April 18, 2020

Diamond Nine #1

What the heck is the Diamond Nine?

It's the new giveaway here on the blog!!

Every day or two (or three?  We'll see.) I'll be putting 9 cards up for grabs.  Free!  Just like Rod at Padrographs and maybe others?  Just claim what you want.  It's that simple.  If something grabs your fancy because you collect that team, or that set, or that player, or if you just like the look of the card.  Doesn't matter, if you like it, claim it and I will send it out within a few days in a PWE.  (I'm cheap, PWE's all the way!)

Don't be greedy and grab all 9 just to grab them, but if you like 2, 3, 4 or whatever of them, feel free.  First come in the comments, first served.  You will have to shoot me your mailing address the first time you claim something, or I'll send your cards to the South Pole.

Diamond Nine will usually include Serial #'d and Refractors from the big pile that I have built up.  Sometimes some vintage-ish stuff.  Parallels and inserts.  It'll probably evolve over time.  Should be fun!!

Here's the first ever Diamond Nine!  Comment away!

Top row is refractors
The rest are #'d.  Here are the numbers for those that have serial #'s on the back of the card:
Ike Davis: /399
Jake Peavy: /999
Miguel Olivo: /2007

Email addresses to kmattson2002atyahoodotcom


  1. Wish it was under better circumstances but all the same, it's good to see you back.

    I'll take the Peavy if I may. I'll drop you an email.

  2. Very generous of you (and all the other bloggers giving away cards)! If I may suggest, if I were you I'd start stacks for commenters and then mail them out at the end of the month. It will probably save on postage, envelopes, gas and be safer than multiple trips to the post office. That being said, I'm interested in the 2007 Topps Olivo gold card.

  3. Howdy!

    Seven, eight years after blogs were declared dead, people are still coming back.

    OK, so it needed a pandemic in this case, but I still say we're going strong. Good to see another return.

  4. As a Mets fan I'd love to have the Wright and Davis cards. Will email shortly. Thanks!

  5. May I please have the Johnson and Phillips, thank you for your generosity!

  6. Glad to see that you're back. I actually had removed your blog from my blogroll (I cleared out a bunch of them to make room for new blogs), but just added you back on. It's always nice to see bloggers from the past make a return to the keyboard.

  7. Will have to add you to my blogroll!

  8. Still had you tagged, nice to read again. If the Erstad is still available I'd love to have it.