Wednesday, April 22, 2020

McGwire and Sosa get divorced

I've been gone a while, so you might not know or remember that I am a big Mark Mcgwire collector.  I'm always on the lookout for Big Macs I don't have, but since I have over 900 unique McGwires, it's getting a little tougher.

So when I get a chance to knock more than a couple off of my list at one time, I try to go for it!

This time, it was all Ebay's fault.  I don't really buy on Ebay much.  Or anywhere really, because I am cheap.  But Ebay sent me a $5 off code for anything that is at least $5.01.  So I went in search of McGwires that were just over $5.  I had a few that I was watching, when this caught my eye:

A 70 card set of Mac and Sosa!

I jumped on my McGwire checklist and found that out of the 37 cards in the set featuring McGwire, I only had 14 of them.  For only $1 ($6 minus the $5 from Ebay) I could add 23 cards to my Big Mac total!!  Score!

And even better, included in the set was this non-McGwire, non-Sosa card:

But the cost was breaking up the set.  I didn't lose a lot of sleep over it, but there is a somewhat sour taste in my mouth at the idea of breaking up an entire set just for the cards of one player.  Even if that player is on over half of the cards in the set.

McGwire and Sosa, joined in history by the great home run chase and the steroid scandal.  Now split up by me.  I wonder if they would lose any sleep over that?

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  1. I forgot all about this set. I think I have it laying around somewhere lol