Thursday, July 23, 2020

An oddball

My son was trying to get at some stuff in the back of my card closet the other day, when I heard a rip.  Sounded like cardboard.  Oh no!  Well it did turn out to be sports cards that were ripped, but it could have been worse.  The cards in question were already pretty beat up.

Here is the culprit holding the casualty of war.

An 81 Donruss uncut sheet!!  It is no longer an 81 Donruss un-ripped sheet, but I will forgive the boy.

As you might be able to see, the rip happened in the top right section of this picture. Right where his hand is holding the sheet.  Still not exactly sure how he did that, but whatever.  The sheet was already in bad shape.

When I got this, it was rolled up kind of tightly, so it has some creases:

The edges are awful.

There is surface wear as well.

There is even crud on the back side.  I had it tested and this is not a booger:

But despite the condition issues, it is still one of my favorite oddball, tough to store collectibles

By my quick count, there are 10 Hall of Famers on the sheet, along with Pete Rose, who, when I look at his stats, seems like he might have the resume to make it someday.

So a seeming tragedy turns into an easy post.  Not what I would have wanted, but hey, silver linings.

Here are a few more shots of the sheet, the rip is easily viewable if you enlarge the first one, it goes right through Toby Harrah and Duane Kuiper.


  1. The first set of Donruss baseball should have more value than it does. But not until I've acquired the ones I want. :)

  2. The '81 Donruss set as rather odd and distinctive numbering pattern that I documented on my blog when I completed the set. This page may explain some of why it was numbered so weirdly.

  3. That is really cool. Do you have a story on how you acquired it?

    1. Not much of a story, I was talking to a dealer at a card show, and he pulled it out of a cardboard tube. I bought it, I think for $4. The end. Wow, that story was even duller than I thought it would be!

  4. Very cool! Earlier this year I picked up a 1990 Topps uncut sheet. First set I ever opened packs of as I kid. I'm hoping to do a custom framing job on it because it would be a fantastic piece for my hobby room, but it may be a while as I'm fully aware that the project will be at least a couple hundred dollars due to its size.

  5. This set will always have a special place in my collection. 1981 was the first year I started opening up packs of baseball cards. Donruss and Topps were the two brands I had access to. Just not sure which one was first.

  6. not a booger - lol! I'd love to have a game room. I'd cover one wall entirely in uncut sheets.