Sunday, August 16, 2020

2020 isn't all bad

2020 isn't all bad.  No, not the year 2020, that has been pretty bad, but Topps Project 2020.  

OK, it's got plenty of bad, what with the massive prospecting, severe shipping problems, and to me, not a lot of great artwork.

But there are bright spots!!  Here are the 2 McGwire's I have, and I got them in very different ways.  

The one on the left, I bought on Ebay a couple of weeks ago for the whopping price of $8.63 shipped.  And I might have overpaid!!  So silly.  But it is a good looking card, and I am happy to have it in my collection.

The one on the right, just arrived for my birthday about a week ago.  No, my birthday wasn't a week ago, that's when the card arrived.  My wonderful daughter bought it for my birthday, back at the very beginning of June.  And 2 months later, here it is.  Again, so silly!  But I like this one too and am happy to have it.

So far, these are my two favorites as far as the artwork goes on the McGwire 2020 cards.  Some of the others are, frankly, awful.  But I am not an art aficionado, so what do I know.

I'm not likely to add any more any time soon, but if the price is right, I just might someday.


  1. I do like some of them. But I've only liked one enough to pay for it. I'm still waiting for it to ship.

    Meanwhile, I received another Project 2020 from someone else as a gift. I'm waiting to show both of the cards at the same time if the other one WOULD FINALLY GET HERE!

  2. If I could find the Team USA one for $8.63 shipped, I'd probably buy it too. The majority of the ones release so far are okay to good. I wish I would have bought the Ermsy Ichiro. Dropped the ball on that one, but picked up his/her Gwynn and Henderson cards.