Friday, August 14, 2020

A trickle turns into a waterfall

When I returned to blogging some months ago, it didn't take long for trades and PWE's to start coming in.  And then I found Free Card Friday's and such, and even more cards flowed through my mailbox!!  Wonderful times.  But nothing lasts forever, right?

So in the last month or so, things have slowed down.  And then slowed down some more.  And for a bit there, I wasn't receiving and cards in the mail.  So sad!!

But just like I said before, nothing lasts forever, and I have recently been finding more treasure in the mailbox.  It started slow, but always good!!  Unfortunately, with my scanner out of commission, I missed posting pics of some of that stuff.  I apologize if I sorted your package away before I took some pics of it, but know that it was still much appreciated!

Here is a small part of what Madding from Cards on Cards hit me with from his Free Card Friday exploits:

That huge McGwire thingy is awesome!!  It's basically a SportsFlic, except huge and with lots more angles, so the action is much smoother.  It commemorates McGwire's 1st career home run.  I wonder if I could track down the x others that he hit?  Also pictured here is my winnings from Nachos Grande's sweet Allen & Ginter contest.  I got to pick from a ton of prizes, and I lucked out with the 2nd pick.  I knew I had to pick a Ginter based prize, and this cool mini-buyback/repack thing was it.  Awesome!

Thanks Madding and Nacho's!

So that was the trickle.  A few sweet cards flowing my way.  And then the waterfall fell on my head!!

I won another contest, this time it was Johnny's monthly Bingo game.  Which is a blast if you haven't tried it.  There were 5 winners, and I was the grand prize winner due to my getting Blackout on my Bingo card.  The prize showed up in a huge, flat rate box!

These are 5 boxes packed with one set, Heritage!!  Heritage from all sorts of years, I haven't even cataloged it all yet.  Johnny probably knows I don't have much recent stuff, and he delivered big time.  Curiously, I didn't find any Braves in the whole lot!!

But that's not all, Johnny also sent this complete** set of 95 SportFlix!

I put the ** by 'complete', because as I looked through it, there turned out to be one card missing.  No, not one of the big stars, but card #112, Reggie Sanders.  So now I'm on the lookout for that one card!!  If you have it sitting around, hit me up!

I never thought much of this set, but looking through it, I appreciate it more.  Not only are the cards pretty good quality, but there are a TON of HOFer's in this set. I counted 22 HOFers in the 165 players in the set.  And that's not counting major stars like Alex Rodriguez, Bo Jackson, Larry Walker, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Manny Ramirez, Deion Sanders, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Bernie Williams, Fred McGriff and Don Mattingly!!

Thanks a bunch Johnny!!

And for those of you who only come here for the free stuff, a new scanner is on the way, which means the Diamond Nine will be returning shortly!


  1. Ha. I know why there weren't any Braves.

  2. Great stuff all around. I love anything Sportflics related... so that McGwire stands out as well as that 1995 set.

  3. That Kasper Hauser buyback is really great. I don't much care for buybacks anymore, but I really like the presentation on those A&G framed ones.