Monday, November 9, 2020

A few respectable cardboard guys

Today I have got a few cards that I picked up recently.  They are not my normal pickups.  They wouldn't be found on my want lists. But they are all definite keepers!  And most of the guys here are respectable human beings as well.

A hall of famer, one of the faces of the 80s and 90s along with his lesser known family.

Must have been just about the coolest thing ever for these guys to all be on the same MLB team at the same time. Nice shot of them too, well composed.  The no border design of Flair really pops on this card.  I don't remember ever seeing this card before.

Two very different cards of one of the best DHs of all time.
The man was a hitter! DH isn't a real position to me, but that doesn't mean that Baines, Ortiz and yes, Edgar don't deserve some real respect. The X-Fractor scanned strangely, but looks nice in person.  But that sepia Stadium Club card is awesome!!  LOVE the smoldering bats from Edgar being on a hot streak!  One of my new favorite cards.

And a pure gold card of one of those who passed far too soon.
Puck was one of those players who are just different enough that they should always be remembered.  Not a prototypical baseball body (a la John Kruk?), but quite athletic anyways.  I loved seeing him jump for balls over the fence in the outfield!  Incredible springs and extension!

The card has that gold, textured look on both front and back sides, making it feel special.  I imagine this was a tough pull back in 95.


  1. Loved the Select Certified Gold Team inserts back in the mid 90's. There were crazy hard to pull (approximately 1:2 boxes), but this was a higher end product. Packs were $4 to $5 each.

  2. Both of the Edgar's are really great! And I think that's how all of those older X-Fractors look when scanned, so don't worry about the weirdness, it's normal.