Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Resuming my Steriods Era mini-collection

Back in the day, I used to have a different card related project that I would work on each year.  One year I tried to accumulate 1000 refractors.  I did a Latin players project another year.  I had success some years, less other years.  One that I never finished, and that I recently decided to revisit, is my Steroids Project.  It commemorates the awfulness of the Steroid Era in cards!

The basics of what I am doing is this:

For each of the major players in the Steroids Era (Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Canseco and Jason Giambi) I want to fill a section in a binder with the following:

1. A complete Topps base run for their playing career.  (This is where I can use the most help!!)
2. At least one GU and/or Auto of each (hopefully more than 1)
3. And 36 of the some combination of the below for each player.(this is 4 nine-pocket pages for each player)
     a. Refractors - any
     b. Numbered - any
     c. Parallels - Rarer and pretty only
     d. Inserts - Rarer and pretty only

The 'best' 36 cards of each player win for this section of the project.

I'll also make a few extra pages for cards with 'multiple offenders' on them like these:

Playing days cards are strongly preferred, so newer collectors may not be able to help me as much.

I figure that this will end up being about around 55 nine-pocket sheets in a binder which will forever stand as my documentation of this dark time for future generations.

I would be glad to trade for any help, not just looking for donations.  Here are the current needs:

In addition to the Base needs (most important!) and the relic/auto needs below, I can still use
high end inserts, refractors, rare parallels etc for all of these players, especially Giambi. 

Needs by Player:
Alex Rodriguez
Topps Base Needs:
1998 #504
1999 #300
2000 #100
2008 #1
Need Relic or Auto - Nope, I have 2 so far!
Barry Bonds
Topps Base Needs:
2004 Traded and Rookies #T221
2005 #500
Need Relic or Auto - Yes
Rafael Palmeiro
Topps base Needs:
None - Done! 
Need Relic or Auto - Nope, I have 2 so far!
Roger Clemens
Topps Base Needs:
None - Done!
Need Relic or Auto - Nope, I have 2 so far!
Sammy Sosa
Topps Base Needs:
2007 Updates and Highlights #UH49
2008 Heritage #151
Need Relic or Auto -   Nope, I have 2!
Jason Giambi
Topps Base Needs:
2009 #26
2010 Update #US71
2013 Update #US54
Need Relic or Auto -No!  I have 2 relics.
Mark McGwire
Topps Base Needs:
2002 #600
Need Relic or Auto -Yes
Jose Canseco
Topps Base Needs:
1997 #246
2002 #435
Need Relic or Auto -Yes

Please ask any questions you might have. 


  1. a collection completely different from any I've seen! Good luck! These fellows show up in Pick Pockets often and rarely do they receive any love.

  2. Sure wish I was more organized. I'll flip through my A's box and see if I have the 1996 McGwire. I might have a couple of those Bonds too. I do have some McGwire and Canseco inserts (maybe parallels?) dupes that I can send your way too. They aren't rare... but maybe you can be placeholders.

    P.S. Thank you for your care package. Love those two slabs! Started writing my thank you posts... but I'm a little backed up. Should get published in the next two weeks.

  3. Very cool idea for a project, looking forward to seeing how it pans out!

  4. I'll check, but I wasn't collecting then. Well, half-heartedly in the early 1990's I guess.

  5. I might have a few spare inserts/parallels of some of these guys, but will have to look and get back to you.

  6. Will you be adding the current era to this example Robinson Cano........

    1. No, I don't think so. This will commemorate the 'golden age' of roids!

  7. That Rangers card should have been names the Latin Steroid Stars!

  8. Send me an email I should be able to help out on these and the Hatcher 1991. my Addy is Soskinfamily at Yahoo Dot Com. Happy Thanksgiving!