Tuesday, March 30, 2021

A trade with Gavin

OK, you already know I lucked in to a SSP RC of Cody Bellinger a while back.  When I posted about it, I mentioned that I wasn't shopping it, but would entertain offers.  Well, Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown did not hesitate!  I received an offer right quick, and after some back and forth, we struck a deal.

Now in a few years, when Bellinger is the next Trout, his SSP RC will be worth quite a pretty penny. (Can you imagine what a SSP version of the 2011 Update Trout would fetch???)  And I hope that does happen, as I always wish well for my trade partners.  But I prefer vintage over modern, and I have lots of holes in my collection to fill.  And for those reasons, Gavin's offer was really nice for me and my collection.

First up, 4 cards I definitely wanted!

A Pre-RC of the new Junior!  I still need a good solid RC of Tatis, but this was a welcome addition.  Then an 'almost' beautiful RC of my favorite young-un, Juan Soto.  I say almost, because the expression on his face isn't too endearing.  That's the best you could find, Topps???  Then the Bellinger replacement RC, very thoughtful of Gavin to replace the RC he was getting from me.  And lastly, the type of card I rarely, if ever, get in trade offers!  The Gold Label Bullion insert featuring McGwire!!  Needed it!

That was a great start to the trade, but the kicker was vintage, as I mentioned earlier...

Here it is!

Yup, it's 'only' a 3, but I love me some old Willie Mays!!

And in typical Gavin style, he included this custom of brawlin ballplayers! Always appreciated. Thanks for the trade Gavin!
Hard to believe I was able to parley 98 cents (what I paid for the original Bellinger) into the 6 cards in this post!!!


  1. Awesome trade for both of you guys. Obviously landing the vintage Mays is sweet... but the Soto and Tatis aren't too shabby either. Those guys are gonna be battling it out with Acuna and Freeman for MVP this season.

  2. Thanks for the trade! Always exciting when there's big-dollar cards involved.

  3. "I'm more interested in vintage", then proceeds to show four modern cards :)

    Cool Mays. If I had had anything big to trade, I probably would've tried to get that one from Gavin a while ago.

  4. That's quite a blockbuster! Love the '57 Mays, and the Bellinger. I think I sent Gav that Tatis (unless he has a dupe) because I've been kicking myself since.