Monday, March 1, 2021

Singles in the PC - the Finale

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My "Keepers" collection is organized by player.  For some players, like Pete Rose, Rod Carew, Cal Ripken and many others, there are a lot of cards in the collection.  But for a select few players, I have only a single card.  There are many reasons that could be the case. 

I figured that there would only be around 20 or so of these "single Keepers".  But I was off by quite a bit!  Turns out there were 79.  So that's too many for one post.  I will be showing about 20 per post until I get through them.  Alphabetically!

Unfortunately, there are at least 5 of these cards that I have shown recently in this blog.  Sorry to my regular readers!  Here are the final 19 players in my Keepers that I have a single card of:

Reason I only have one: While I am sure that there are other Rudi cards I would want to keep, this here autograph is the only one that has risen to that level so far.  I'm pretty sure I would keep a decent copy of his RC, and several of his other cards look nice, but this will probably be my only Rudi for quite a while.
Reason I only have one: Here is another modern player that I never connected strongly with, but who's RC is worthy of keeping.
Reason I only have one: I'll have more Seager someday.  Definitely need at lease a decent RC. I wasn't actively collecting in his last years in the minors or his first few years in the majors.  The only reason I have this exquisite card is that I found it in a box of cheap, lower end jersey cards for, I think, $6.  Couldn't pass that up!
Reason I only have one: The Moose!! This is definitely an example of a relic card of a non-HOFer.  I would not mind any vintage of Skowron.  Even when he is smiling on card, he looks like he is scowling.  
Reason I only have one: As I thought about it, I am not sure why this is the only Soriano that has made it in so far.  I never had a strong liking for Soriano, but when he went on a hot streak, he was the best player in the game for the duration of the streak.  One of the only 40-40 guys too.  I might look for early refractors of him.
Reason I only have one: Stanky is an interesting guy, I would recommend reading up on him if you aren't familiar.  Hall of Good kind of guy, which makes this relic a keeper!
Reason I only have one: Well, I gotta have the RC!!  I actually quite liked Sutter in the early 80s, but I guess that must have faded.  I would probably consider some nice looking relic, auto or serial numbered card of him in a Cardinals uniform.
Reason I only have one: Gimmie more vintage of Torre!  Actually, not a high priority, but he seems like the kind of guy I would have more of.  Not super expensive, but involved in a lot of baseball history.
Reason I only have one: Hmm, I might get yelled at by some of you Tigers fans about this one.  Only 1 Trammell?!?  Well, if it makes you feel any better, I actually have 2 copies of this card, and I bet you can guess which player the other copy is sorted with.
Reason I only have one: Because I can't find my copy of his T-206 card.  Interesting picture Topps chose here.
Reason I only have one: This is his best looking RC, in my opinion.  I love knuckleballers, so this is a keeper, but it would take a very cool card of Wakefield to add another.
Reason I only have one: If you already know about Herb Washington, then you probably appreciate the card, and if you don't, check it out!  It isn't complicated.  Washington was signed as a baserunner only and never hit or played the field.  This resulted in an awesome card back with unusual stats!

Reason I only have one: I'd love more unique Weaver cards, his 1969 'RC' being highest on my list.  But it's a low priority, so I will have to find them cheap, which just hasn't happened yet.
Reason I only have one: Yikes!!  I'm really in trouble with those Tigers fans now!  A single card of each member of this great double play team?  Oops!  Both Sweet Lou and Trammell are candidates for me to get a relic card, auto or early refractor of, whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Reason I only have one: I've talked about this card before, you can read about it here.  I'll gladly take any additional copies of this card you might want to send me.  A White RC might make the collection too.
Reason I only have one: No reason really.  I'd take more of him for the right price, but not chasing him.
Reason I only have one: Nothing cheap has dropped into my lap except this one card of Wills.  I would definitely keep most playing days cards of his, and am actively looking for a copy of the 1960 Topps #389, which features Luis Aparicio stealing 2nd while Wills waits for the throw.  Not sure which player I would sort that one with though.  **quick tie in, Wills was brought in to the A's organization to coach none other than Herb Washington, right up the page a ways.
Reason I only have one: Because I can't find any more for reasonable prices.  Here is another card I will take any of I can get. I'd take any of his other 2010 baseball issues as well.

Which brings us to the end.  I offered a PWE to anyone who guessed the last player in this series, and had a lot of really good guesses.  Here they are, along with how many of each I have in the Keeper Collection:

Ted Williams - 12
Jim Wynn - 0
Carl Yastrzemski - 24
Christian Yelich - 5
Robin Yount - 12
Don Zimmer - 0
Ryan Zimmerman - 0
Eddie Zosky - 0

The only obvious one that got missed was Dave Winfield, at least in my opinion.  But Winfield is not the answer either.  So after all of that leadup, here is the last player having a single card in my Keeper Collection.......






Kevin Youkilis!!  AKA Euclis: The Greek God of Walks!!!!!  I'd keep this card just for that nickname, but Youk was also an integral part of Red Sox championship teams and quite beloved in certain circles.  Even though I am not a Sox fan, I can appreciate that.

-So who in this list should I definitely have more Keepers of??  

-What's your favorite of these 'singles'?

-Which of these 'singles' should I demote from the Keepers collection?


  1. More: Alan Trammell
    Favorite: autographed Joe Rudi
    Demote: shared Lou Whitaker

  2. More Frank White. Best single Joe Rudi. Demote anything baseball Panini.

  3. Youk!!! Would not have guessed him but as a Red Sox fan I see why you'd keep one. I've personally seen him on stage with Pearl Jam at Fenway Park ;-)

  4. I don't think you can get any more Herb Washington cards, unless you want the '75 mini or OPC card. That's all he's got!

    I could help you with more Seagers for sure.

    1. And wonder of wonders, I just received the mini!

  5. Love the Rudi. He's a guy I should probably target more often. My goal is to pick up a graded rookie card of his at some point... or possibly a signed and PSA/DNA slabbed rookie card.

    And I'm with night owl... not sure there are too many other Herb Washington cards to be find out there.

    1. I'm kinda surprised that Bowman Russell Wilson doesn't sell for more considering his 2012 Topps (FB) rookie sells for 2 to 3 times that price.

  6. Since the other Trammell rookie is clearly in your Mickey Klutts collection, how many Kluttses do you have?

  7. That Joe Rudi auto is really great, and now I want one!

  8. More Keepers: CC!
    Favorite Singles: Bruce Sutter!
    Demoted Keeper: Youk...but i'm a Yankees fan, so...

  9. Just ordered the Herb Washington card because of this post. Thank you!