Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Singles in the PC part 2

Part 1 if you missed it

My "Keepers" collection is organized by player.  For some players, like Pete Rose, Rod Carew, Cal Ripken and many others, there are a lot of cards in the collection.  But for a select few players, I have but one card.  There are many reasons that could be the case. 

I figured that there would only be around 20 or so of these "single Keepers".  But I was off by quite a bit!  Turns out there were 81 79.  So that's too much for one post.  I will be showing about 20 a post until I get through them.  Alphabetically!

Here are the second 20 players in my Keepers that I have a single card of:

Reason I only have one: Wish I had more!  Foxx was a beast, but playing days cards of him are pretty impossible for me.  But this modern one was pretty enough to throw in my Keepers.  I like the color contrasting with the black and white.
Reason I only have one: Well, Julio wasn't ever one of the top few players in the league. But he was in the league forever, I liked him as a kid, and the 83 Topps Traded set is a fave of mine. Plus, Franco is a card carrying member of the crazy batting stance club.  Look it up!

Reason I only have one: Frick only has 81 total cards according to  And most of those are modern variants.  So this may be the only Frick card I will ever need.  I'd take copies of his 60 and 61 Fleer, but I wouldn't seek them out.
Reason I only have one: When I was writing this, I was all set to say that this was the only Big Cat I would really ever want.  But I looked at his other cards from 1986, and I can definitely say that I wouldn't turn down any of them.  The Fleer and Fleer Update, the Donruss and Donruss "The Rookies" would all probably end up as keepers if I ran into them.  Andres won't be remembered as special, but he was definitely good and reminds me of my childhood.  Plus, nice Expos colors!
Reason I only have one: Because none of Oscar's other cards have that good of hair.  Though his 75 Topps is pretty sweet too!
Reason I only have one: Just need this RC.  Grich was, in my mind, very underrated.  The kind of player I would love to build a team around.  But not a superstar.
Reason I only have one: I kind of grudgingly threw this card into the Keepers years ago.  I never connected with Greinke in any meaningful way, but he has been a high quality pitcher for quite a while, and that is enough to get into the Keepers.  A quality card, but no plans to add more any time soon.
Reason I only have one: Almost missed this one, because it was right after the other Ken Griffey, who I have far more than one of.  Some kind of relative, I have heard.  This is a nice card, and I wouldn't rule out other Griffey Sr's.  Especially a rookie.
Reason I only have one: Cause vintage Lefty Groves are hard to come by. If you have one to send my way, then get it to the mailbox!
Reason I only have one: In the first Singles Post, I mentioned that I "love memorabilia cards of older players who were really good, but not HOFer level".  Of course, I was writing that in reference to a HOFer!!  But not here.  Gullet was pretty good though!
Reason I only have one: I really liked the early to mid 80s Cardinals teams.  Herzog was the feisty manager.  And this card of him, while battered, is pretty cool.  I can't imagine adding any modern cards of Whitey to the Keepers, but anything this old would definitely make it.
Reason I only have one: Not sure why I don't have an actual RC of Hoffman.  He's not really 'my guy', but he had quite a career.  I'd gladly trade for a 92 Bowman if anyone has an extra.  I wish I had scanned the back of this card, it features Trevor jumping rope.
Reason I only have one: Hodges was a staple of the 50's Dodgers.  I usually heard Robinson, Reese, Campanella and Snider.  But my grandpa always included Gil in that mix.  So I will take any Hodges vintage I can get, even if he is on the Mets!  But sadly, this is the only one I have.
Reason I only have one: I always liked Holliday, wherever he went in MLB.  But just not enough to get any more of his cards.  Is that mean?  Sorry Matt!
Reason I only have one: Hough is just one of those guys who I feel like was pretty good, good enough to Keep a RC of his. Other than that, I don't have much to say about him.  I think this will likely be the only card of Hough that I ever Keep.
Reason I only have one: See Lefty Grove above...
Reason I only have one: Well, I have this one because Frank Howard was a physical beast!  6'7", which for the time was just huge.  He hit a lot of long home runs and intimidated a lot of little guys like me.  But sadly, he didn't do enough to get me looking for more than this RC of his.
Reason I only have one: Because I haven't found any more autos for dirt cheap, and his base cards from the 80s don't quite get it done.  As I have said before though, I think Hrbek would be a fun guy to hang with, as long as he wasn't too drunk.

Reason I only have one: Duh. How many cards does George Hunter even have?  Off to TCDB.....  OK, he has 10, but three of those are reprints.  All the rest are from 1909 to 1913, so if you have one you want to send me, feel free! 

Reason I only have one: Well, Inky wasn't a guy that made me reminisce, but he was a solid player.  And I really, really like this set.  And I very often love MLB guys in their college unis.  So to sum up, I Keep this card because its awesome, but I don't have more because Incaviglia wasn't all that.

-So who in this list should I definitely have more Keepers of??  

-What's your favorite of these 'singles'?

-Which of these 'singles' should I demote from the Keepers collection?

Next time, #'s 41-60!


  1. More - Trevor Hoffman.

    Favorite - Gamble hair card.

    Demote - The multi-player Hough.

  2. I'd say more Bobby grich. I like the hrbek and have no opinion on what card you should or shouldn't keep.
    Back when i put together my topps sampler sets I made sure to have oscar gamble in every one possible. His 70s cards are generally pretty good in my opinion.

  3. You need more Hodges and Gamble! No, I will not give you mine!

    The Charlie Hough is surprising. He played forever and is in a lot of sets.

  4. I'm a Padres fan and I don't have a Hoffman rookie card either. As for Gamble... he has a few nice options out there, but if you're only gonna have one you're doing okay.

    As for your questions... more Gamble and Grich. The Gamble is my favorite. And not really sure who I'd demote from this list.

  5. I really like that Trevor Hoffman card and now you've mentioned the back, I wish you'd scanned that too!

  6. I can't quite place my finger on it, but that Don Gullett looks terribly familiar :)

  7. Really like that T206 Hunter, I think I may have that same card. Another good Galarraga card, though not valuable at all, is his horizontal 1991 release with the Expos. Always liked that one quite a bit!

  8. jimmie fox is quite the good looking card!