Sunday, February 21, 2021

Roiding with Big Mac

 In a previous post, I mentioned that I am going to try to complete my Steroids Project, and I am going to be spotlighting the players on that list one by one.  Today it is Markus Q MacGuire!! 

For those of you who don't know how I am doing this, I will be attempting to get:

-the entire Topps base run (flagship) from each players playing career.
-a relic or autograph of each player
-4 nine pocket sheets of the 'coolest' cards I can find of each player.  Think refractors, die-cuts and colorful stuff.  Rare and serial numbered could make the cut too!

Here is what I need for McGwire:

Topps Base Needs:

2002 Topps #600

Yep, down to one card. One stinkin card!

Relic or Auto card - Need one! I actually have several McGwire relic cards, but I can't bring myself to take them out of the keeper collection.

Sheets of Coolness: Below is what I have so far for Mark. Since I am a McGwire collector, you might think I would have a pretty good set of Big Macs for this project from my dupes.  And you would be right!  But could they get better???  Of course.  Can you beat any of these?  Then let's talk trade! 

Pretty good start.  Nothing on this page screams 'replace me!'  Heavy on the green from all the A's cards, looks good.  What do you think?  Least favorites, maybe the top left, just because it doesn't pop off the page like most of the others.  It is serial numbered out of 7000 though.

All Cardinals cards here.  I really love the Fleer Brilliants set, looks better in person than in this scan.  The Finest Aaron/Mcgwire and the semi-see through Eyes of the Game cards are my favorites here. Least favorites are the right side of the bottom row.  Both are actually good looking cards, but I had to pick something.

Now we are talking!  So much color and shine here! All Cardinals again, but those late 90s cards are right up my alley.  Favorites are the Quick Strike die cut and the Meteoric Rise. The BioRythm is pretty sweet in hand too. Least favorite might be the Shockwave, it's just kind of busy.
Last page!  Three of my favorites out of all 4 pages are here, the High Praise in the center is awesome to hold.  And the Lords of the Diamond refractor and the Prospectors Dream cards are wonderful too!  The Prospectors Dream isn't quite that 'bright' in hand, but it has more depth.  Hars to pick a least favorite here.

If you have cooler McGwires than these, that you are willing to trade, let me know!


  1. My favorites are the Fleer '88 Headliners and the Fleer '91 with the flag background.

  2. Nice collection. I'm wondering what percentage of my Big Macs feature him in an A's jersey. Anyways... I'm with EM. I really like that Headliners card.

    I wrote a review a long, long time ago on that set:

  3. I'm a little disappointed that he's not actually Markus Q. McGwire. B^)

    I do have a McGwire auto, which I pulled from a hanger box. It's /25 and definitely the best card I've ever pulled (apart, perhaps, from rookies that I pulled in the 1970s, in retrospect). Not really looking to trade it, but I suppose I'd be open if someone wanted to make me a big offer.

  4. McGwire definitely had a lot of cool late 90s cards. The Quick Strike looks cool.

  5. I really like the Fleer Tradition Grass Roots insert on page 1. Those are lovely cards.